MallForAfrica Children’s Day Promo “offer ends May 28th 2014”

Has anyone heard of An App that allows you shop UK & US stores and delivers your purchases to you in Nigeria.

If you like shopping from UK/US stores then you’ll love this cool App – MallForAfrica. With it you can shop items on over UK/US stores and have them delivered to you in Nigeria. Use the special Promo through LagosMums here and get a 20% coupon code off shipping with code “Lagmums”

It means you don’t have to wait for your brother’s next trip to USA before getting those fab dresses you always wanted. You can download it from.

Need to shop abroad for your kids? MallForAfrica is the solution. With over 80 UK/US stores on the App, they get your favorite items delivered to you in Nigeria #MFAKids

Shop with MallForAfrica App to take advantage of the 50% off sales #MFAKids.

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