mPulse Planet: The Biggest Summer Event is Here!

mPulse Planet: The Biggest Summer Event is Here!

The Holidays

It’s the long holidays and kids have been bouncing off the walls since July, the roads are slightly freer but parents are getting antsier.

We love our kids; we really love them but their energy is not of this world! And yet, that same energy is why we love them. Now, imagine all that energy multiplied by 5,000! Over 5,000 kids have gotten their tickets to the biggest summer event of the year – the mPulse planet  – and now their parents ‘can’t hear word.’

“What’s the mPulse Planet?”

Please, did you just ask that?! Okay, we will help you. mPulse planet the biggest event of the summer! On Friday, August 23rd, 2019 at 10:00 am, the doors of the mPulse planet will open. Thousands of young excitable kids will walk through the doors into another dimension – the mPulse planet!

Which one is dimension again?

Lol, okay slow your roll. MTN’s tween and teen proposition for children aged 9-15, is taking the kids to the future. The event promises an experience that triggers the imagination of the future in the kids. Yes, using various forms of technological devices, the kids will experience “life in 2044”, 25 years from now!

Children having fun at the mpulse game zone

The Event

After the mPulse launch that stunned Nigerians last year, the excitement around this year’s event is very understandable. In 2018, the mPulse team transformed the Landmark Event Centre, VI, Lagos, into a wonderland and jaws dropped around the country. From a highly equipped gaming zone to a well-stocked arts and craft center, to the tech hub that allowed kids to learn coding and other digital skills, children were extremely thrilled.

There were boatloads of food and drinks too. Actually, there was everything.


All-round Fun

Parents were not left out of the fun too. They got the opportunity to sit back and have fun with other parents as their wards had the time of their lives. With the levels of fun that was achieved in 2018, there are signs that 2019’s edition will topple all of that. Wow, right?


So, as kids jump in anticipation, we are ready to kick back our feet and watch them sail or fly into 2044! Who else is ready?

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