mums upgrade your skills

Mums Upgrade Your Skills

Back to school season is in full swing now. Children are back to school and the routines are back to normal. However, this is a great time mums to upgrade your skills. Learning is not only for children, there are so many accessible ways to ensure continuous learning.

If you are like me, going back into a classroom is not the most feasible at this time. But thank God for the internet! there are so many resources online that offer a great learning opportunity to continuously learn. Depending on your field or interest there is something for you to update your skills.

mums upgrade your skills
Mums Upgrade Your Skills

Here are some free platforms that offer great learning opportunities. So mums upgrade your skills when it comes to your business.

Google Courses

Grow with Google – This offers different opportunities to learn and grow with google, great for startups and local businesses. There are other courses for the more adventurous who want to learn how to code. Visit Grow with Google and grow your business.

Primer – This is a great Free App to learn business and marketing skills on the go and. Great for the busy working mum or business woman who has time in between meetings and work to learn some new skills. Visit here to download the App.

Digital Skills with Google – For those who want to learn how to use digital skills to grow their business, this is a great library of products that you could use to grow your business. For example you learn how to use analytics to grow your business, which is necessary for every digital business today. It is FREE but loaded with amazing content. Visit here to sign in and upgrade your digital skills.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint offers several opportunities to learn how to grow your business. The focus is on how to use various facebook tools to grow your business and be more effective. You can go further and get certified. Visit here to get started.


Acumen offers courses that are a mix of free and paid options. The courses here cover a range of subjects such as leadershship, social entreprenurship, finance and more. They are committed to offering courses fo help you gain the skills  necessary to lead in the 21st century. Visit Acumen and sign up to start learning today.

Philanthropy University

Philanthropy University is a digital learning platform that provides locally-led organizations with the knowledge and resources needed to better serve their communities. Courses like getting your company ready for fundraising is recommended to position your company for this step. Visit here to register and sign up to start learning.


Coursera is one of the leading online learning platforms that offers both free and paid courses. Recently, Goldman Sachs launched a free program for women to assess their business growth potential. There are many other courses across several subjects. Visit Coursera.


Allison offers courses across various subjects and industries as well. Visit Allison courses here. 

Digital media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing – This course is offered by University of Cambridge in partnership with Upgrad. It is an intense course, but you are sure to learn so much and get upgraded when it comes to Digital Media Marketing. You can visit here for more information and to enroll. This is a paid course but totally worth it! I recommend this if you are in this field or industry and want to get a certification.

Mums what are some the the skills you want to upgrade? Join the Mums Upgrade Your Skills Challenge!

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