What Do Salvation and Blackberry Have In Common

We live in an age where we are able to connect to concepts like salvation when we use modern language. People are able to relate to principles of the kingdom in the same way – with language that is relatable.

You might ask what do salvation and blackberry have in common? PastorPeter shared an analogy that really resonated. While it got the crowd laughing, the analogy made the message of salvation and the power it brings clear.

When the blackberry first came on the scene, the blackberry messenger could only be used if you had a blackberry. Fast forward a few years and it does not matter what device you have. Whether a Techno or a Samsung, with a click you can download and use the Blackberry messenger.

He explained it that this is the same thing with salvation. Jesus died on the cross for us and so no matter who you are and where you are, you have access to salvation and the power that comes with it.


However, as PastorPeter mentioned if you download an application and you do not use it then it really is not useful and does you no good. After you become aware of the application, you have to download it and install it before you can use it. It is the same with salvation, you have access to it but if you do not use it then it has no use! The power is yours only when you access and use the freedom that comes with salvation.

download salvation

How To Download Salvation

  1. Understand that Jesus died on the cross to save you and give you life.
  2. You must believe that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lies within you.
  3. Do know that you do not have a spirit of fear but of sound mind, power, and love.
  4. You need to know that you need to work out your salvation! That means that you need to take action because faith without works is dead.

I am not sure that Blackberry would ever have thought they could be used in the same sentence as salvation! Be powerful and after you download the application be sure to install it and use correctly. [Read: Jesus Gave Us Victory]

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