Table Mountain South Africa

My Trip to the Most Beautiful Place Ever

Sleep, good food, scenery, shopping are  probably what most people want when they go for a relaxing holiday right? Anyone who lives in Lagos knows that feeling to get away from the hustle and bustle now and then. The economy this year made travel more challenging for many families thanks to the exchange rate fluctuation.

A family wedding holding in South Africa made that our default Summer destination this year. I had no idea what to expect and definitely did not know what a pleasant surprise was in store.

I had many pre-conceived notions about South Africa which left me with some fear apprehension. All the stories I seemed to hear were about violent crimes and that was enough to keep me away. I just never thought of South Africa as a holiday destination. My top of the list was always the US or the UK.

Now after having visited South Africa I want to apologize to South Africa(ns). I realize now that I was guilty of the same thing you might experience when people from other Countries hear you say you live in Lagos. I remember one cab driver during a summer in NY asking me with shock “why do you want to go back to Lagos?”

While it is true that crime is for real in Lagos, that it not all there is to it! I take the time to explain that the bad stories on the news and the reports of crime is not all it is about. Lagos is about so much more! (as I now say about SA).

Table Mountain South Africa

What I Learnt From my Trip to South Africa

  1. Crime is real but not all – Yes there are reports of crime and you need to be careful where you go. But isn’t that the same anywhere? You wouldn’t go walking down the road at night alone in Lagos, would you? I would advise you to be careful and watch where you go (like anywhere else). I felt safer than I thought I would.
  2. God took his time with Capetown – It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. As in hands down! The beauty of the place is the type that keeps you speechless and in awe of God’s creation! I felt like a spec as we drove up windy roads to the top of the massive Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain. Just imagine everywhere being just picture perfect? You just have to see to believe the beauty!
  3. Development, modernity, and Africa do go in the same sentence – The malls, buildings, hotels, highways, trains in Johannesburg are all so modern! I felt like I was in Europe or America (or even better in some areas). They were loads of sight-seeing and tourist attractions. We visited the aquarium and it was world class – not just good for Africa.Finding Nemo in SA
  4. Food is awesome – Their food is something else, literally everywhere we ate the food was 100%, from the steaks, to ribs, to seafood. I officially decided to put my #FitFam on hold for the period I was there! I didn’t waste calories on fast food, no I planned my meals for maximum enjoyment. Tasha’s is one of my all time favourites now! That seafood platter 🙂 I am coming back.
  5. Destination Weddings are great – The main reason we went to SA was for a family wedding. I have now concluded that destination weddings are the way forward. It was small, intimate and picture perfect. Imagine taking pictures on a winery with the mountains in the background? I have already talked about the food, so you know the food was on point. The church ceremony was short and over in an hour and a half?! No one fell asleep – no one was walking in and out. #JustSayingTourist in South Africa

Overall I have learnt that you should not make decisions based on just what you hear in the news. South Africa was a beautiful experience and I cannot wait to go back. I am still on a virtual holiday now as I just close my eyes and remember the vacation!

The Country is just beautiful, a real winner when it comes to family vacations and best of all? It is in Africa!

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