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Diary Adventures of LagosMums|Bye to Weave on and Braids

Diary Adventures of LagosMums | Bye to Weave on and Braids

My journey without weaves and braids started after a couple of things happened. The first was after I watched the Chris Rock “Good Hair” documentary. He took us on a behind the scenes that showed where the so-called “human hair” really comes from. The documentary was basically a trip following Chris around trying to understand why Black women wear weaves, he traveled to India were it was revealed that people shaved their heads, including babies as a sacrifice to their gods. The hair was completely shaved off, it showed babies crying as their hair was being shaved off.


natural hair LagosMums Anyways after the hair is shaved, the commercial part set in, the hair is gathered, processed put into wefts (tracks) and then shipped off to the US and Europe majorly from where it was sold as “human hair”.

After watching this documentary my reaction to human hair went from “it is better to invest in quality human hair” to “I might be putting hair that someone in India sacrificed to her god?!” For which I am paying loads of money? That was the beginning of the end of my desire for wearing human hair. Wearing synthetic extensions wasn’t really an option as my scalp seemed to react and  I would start to itch horribly! This started the no braids journey.

The second reason that finally took solidified my NOT wearing weave happened thanks to my children. After my children watched me put in a weave they asked me why I was pretending? They asked me why I was putting hair that was not mine on my head? The younger said matter of factly; that he would tell his teacher that I put hair that was not mine in my hair.

That day I took a quick poll from other LagosMums and asked if they wear weaves and why? Because to be honest I found myself asking why I wore weaves really? Between wearing sacrificed hair and the spiritual implications of that to dealing with kids labeling me a “fake” I was done with weaves. I wanted to find out though why do other women wear weaves and braids?

I found out that majority of the women I asked wear weaves and braids. The few women who didn’t were either blessed with long and or nice hair or were rocking natural hair.

There were several reasons why women said they wear weaves. Some of these included that it made them look better, they do not like their own hair, peer pressure to look a certain way and personally wanting to look a certain way. Another main reason was convenience as it saved them from the time-consuming demands of having to go to the salon often. Lastly, not finding a salon or stylist who could take care of their hair, as well as they, would like was a reason for some. A lot of these reasons I can relate to.

It has been a year now and I have not put a weave, braids nor half wigs in my hair. My hair is healthier, easier to manage because I have spent time learning how to care for it and finally I have found a wonderful stylist who is able to take good care of my hair. I go to her so often I am now on a monthly retainer!

Bye to Human Hair Weave on as the other day I finally threw them all out!

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