Omnutri #SelfCare Campaign - The Winners

Omnutri #SelfCare Campaign – The Winners

24th July every year is the International Self-Care day. It provides a focus and opportunity to raise the profile of healthy lifestyle self-care programmes around the world. All stakeholders in health are invited to use International Self-Care Day in responsible ways that progress the cause of healthy lifestyles and wellness. [READ: Omnutri #Selfcare Tip – Nutrition]

Omnutri and LagosMums saw this as an opportunity to further enhance the importance of keeping healthy in Lagos, Nigeria. OMNUTRI is nutrition and Lifestyle Company that helps you achieve wellness through a balanced diet, and promotes the fact that eating consciously and intuitively is the best way to achieve a healthy balanced diet. [READ: Omnutri #Selfcare Tip – Physical Exercise]

Omnutri #SelfCare Campaign - The Winners

We ran a three-day #SelfCare campaign online, in which we shared a few tips on how to practice self-care as well as ask you to share with us some of your self-care practices; and there were yummy healthy prizes up for grabs!

We got a variety of responses across all our social media platforms and are happy to be announcing our #SelfCare campaign winners today! Also enjoy some of the responses from our winners of the competition below! Kindly join us in our next campaign where we can both learn and enjoy healthy treats at the same time


  • From Joy Obiesie @ObiesieJoy on Twitter and Joy Obiesie on Facebook 
Omnutri #SelfCare Campaign - The Winners
Joy Obiesie

How much do you know about health? 

“I know a lot but can’t stop learning and acquiring more knowledge #selfcare. Self-awareness is very important in improving self-care because prevention is always better than cure.”

Joy’s views on self-care

“Self-care is very important to me and I believe it should be for everybody because this life does not have a duplicate hence, one needs to take proper care of his/her body because prevention is better than cure”.




  • From Jite @la_jits on instagram

    Omnutri #SelfCare Campaign - The Winners

How Well Do You Look After You?

I try and eat mostly things I can recognise. I read labels and try not to eat anything where I don’t understand what the ingredients are. I try to work our regularly because not only is it good for my body but good for my mind also. I also try to be kind to myself and make positive proclamations on my life.

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