Omnutri #SelfCare Tip 1. - Nutrition

Omnutri #SelfCare Tip 1. – Nutrition

How and what we eat is so important starting right from childhood. Lifestyle diseases are on the increase and these are largely affected by our diet which is becoming increasingly unhealthy as we opt for more processed foods over whole natural foods. So today, we will be sharing three simple tips on how to improve your diet.

This is part of the campaign to raise awareness for International Self-Care Day. Remember there are amazing prizes to be won at the end of this campaign, also you get to share with us some of your self care practices. [READ: WIN Prizes up to N15,000 in International Self Care Day Campaign]


Tip 1.

IMG_4282Find out what works for you. Not everybody is made the same; therefore not everybody needs to follow the same dietary pattern, whether it’s veganism, paleoism or the general omnivore diet, each person needs to work out which dietary pattern suits their body best as this diet will have the right foods that will nourish, heal and sustain the body.



Tip 2.

IMG_4284Eat whole natural foods over processed foods (these are foods with additives, preservatives, added sugars, fats and salts, foods that have undergone multiple modifications to reach the end product and are usually found in the junk food aisle, such as packaged foods. Eating foods that are closer to the ground and in their natural states are better for your body and health than packaged and processed foods.




Tip 3.

Eat lots vegetables and fruit. Vegetables and fruits contain lots of antioxidants and phytonutrients that help protect against a wide range of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and other chronic diseases as well as slow down our bodies aging process.

A helpful tip is as you prepare meals for yourself and the family is to eat balanced diets with natural foods – carbohydrates such as yam, potatoes, ofada rice, legumes e.g. beans, lean meats such as fish and chicken, vegetables, fruits and lots of water.

Which of these do you currently practice?

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