Omnutri #SelfCare Tip 3 - Self Awareness

Omnutri #SelfCare Tip 3 – Self Awareness

Self awareness is an important trait to cultivate on the journey to wellness. Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event before we realise exactly what’s goingon in our bodies, sometimes we are just lucky to know. One aspect of self-care is to pay great attention to what’s going with your body.

This level of self-awareness will help you make the right decisions with food, exercise, medication, rest and so many other aspects of our lives, in particular regarding self-care. The great thing is, the more we listen to our bodies the more self-aware we become and more in tune with our bodies with become, making the journey to wellness easier and more beautiful.
Remember that healthiness is a journey. Every good choice we make no matter how small takes us one step further along.
Do you think you have a high level of self-awareness? Tell us a time you noticed something was off with your body. Did you pay attention or did you ignore it? What role do you think self-awareness can play in improving you and your families self-care?
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