Paediatrician Warns Against Using Antifungal As Baby Cream

According to an Ilorin-based paediatrician, Khadijat Ajadi, using antifungal creams mixed with baby body creams to bleach the skin of babies is harmful.

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According to her,  antifungal creams are medications and not body creams. Mixing drugs like Funbact A and Skineal with baby body creams is not healthy for baby skin.

“The rate at which some mothers do this now is alarming and they even prescribe it to others openly.

“I want them to stop because these are drugs with dangerous side effects.

“The side effects include steroids which are easily absorbed into the bloodstream from the fragile skin of the newborns and babies.

“These lead to serious side effects on the long terms including gastritis (stomach ulcers), wounds, poor growth and other sinister side effects.

“If mothers religiously go through the packs of some of these medicated creams, words like “antifungal,” “antibacterial”, “anti-inflammatory” are written on them.

“The constituents are drugs including antibiotics, antifungal and steroids and they are often prescribed for specific skin diseases and usually for a short duration and not usually more than two weeks,” she said.

The paediatrician notes that the problem with some mothers is the ‘craziness’ to have fair skin babies.

“A lot of women are carried away by the desire for their babies to be fair, not knowing the dangers inherent in this dangerous practice.

“There is more to having a fair baby, most babies are born fair but that does not mean they will remain fair.

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“Those with genetic makeup to be black will still be black irrespective of any concoctions applied or bleaching creams,” Ajadi said.

She, however, encourages mothers to embrace the use of natural products for children.

“I am advising mothers to always use natural products for babies such as Vaseline, Shea butter, olive oil and other routine baby care products.

“Use medicated creams only on doctor’s prescription and for the duration recommended only.

“And if your baby has any skin issues, please see your paediatrician or dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment,” Mr. Ajadi said.

How else will we teach our children to love their skin if we are against it. Mothers have to always do what is right for their children in the long run. Babies are beautiful, no matter their skin colour. It’s not too late to stop. Let us spread the word.

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