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Is It Okay For People To Touch Your Baby?

For some Mums, there’s nothing more frightening than when a stranger touches their baby without permission. One, you’re a stranger and you need to respect boundaries. Two, germs! Is it okay for people to touch your baby?

World sleep day ; is it okay for people to touch your baby

Tired of people approaching her baby without invitation, one mother decided to take action and place a “no touching” sign on her little one’s car seat.

Sharing the photo on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, the sign read: “No touching. Your germs are too big for me.”

While some Mums agree with her, other mums think she’s being too protective and paranoid. Well, it’s her baby.

“My babies were born healthy and on time or after,” one person commented.

“We have a big family and couldn’t keep all the germy kids away. Both kids are happy and healthy now after being exposed to countless germs. I welcome boosting the immune system!”

Another added: “Children need germs, their bodies need to learn to fight off sickness.”

However, many parents argued that some babies can’t be touched for medical reasons pointing out that their babies were born premature or with rare conditions that left them susceptible to infection.

“My son was born with major heart defects and undergone surgeries,” one parent explained.

“So he has a compromised immune system. Pretty sad you even have to post a sign these days cause people just don’t have common sense!”

Others argued that it isn’t always about germs though, sometimes it’s just not wanting strange people to intrude on your personal space.

Is it okay for people to touch your baby

“My three-year-old slaps hands. I 100 per cent allow it. She has super curly hair and people always want to touch it. They’ll just walk right up and start pulling on curls… Not acceptable,” someone wrote.

Another agreed adding: “I’m not afraid of the germs, I just don’t like creepy strangers trying to touch my babies! Keep your hands to yourself, people!”

While the use of “no touching” signs clearly divides opinion among parents there have been reports of contact with babies, such as kissing, spreading harmful bacteria.

Last year, couple Nicole and Shane Sifrit warned other parents not to let people kiss their baby after their newborn daughter, Mariana, died of herpes.

Eighteen-day-old Mariana Reese Sifrit passed away after contracting Meningitis HSV-1 – the virus that causes cold sores and rarely leads to viral meningitis.

Similarly, a dentist has also advised that parents should refrain from kissing their children on the lips, particularly before their baby teeth have developed, as they could be more susceptible to infection.

So mums, what do you think. Is it okay for people to touch your baby without permission? Do you think the “no touching sign” is a bit too much? We will love to know your opinion


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