Pampers Shows Love To New Moms Ahead Of Valentine

It is another season of love and Procter and Gamble makers of Pampers Baby-Dry with it’s brand advocate surprises expectant and new moms at the Mobonike Medical Centre, Dopemu area of Lagos, on Thursday 11, 2016.

The centre is one of the many clinics in Nigeria where Pampers educates pregnant moms on the best pre-natal habits and practices. With the assistance they get from the qualified Pampers Nurse. This helps expectant moms see the benefits of healthy nutrition and body exercises while also providing other useful tips to moms in their final trimester as they prepare for the D-day. Every year, Pampers reaches over a million expectant and new moms through its Pampers Hospital program. MomsKnowBest

Tiwa Savage MomsKnowBest

Tiwa Savge Pampers

Tiwa Savage MomsKnowBest

Leading the Pampers #MomsKnowBest campaign, Tiwa Savage congratulated the new moms that put to bed in the early hours of Thursday, 11th February, 2016 on the arrival of their new bundles of joy. She also gave these moms a six months supply of Pampers Baby-Dry; so that their babies can experience Nigeria’s Driest Diaper. She encouraged the new moms to share their experiences with other moms as Jamil enjoys a good night rest.Tiwa Savage

Tomiwa Ajewole, the Brand Communications Manager Pampers Nigeria said that Pampers Baby Dry ensures that the new-borns will enjoy long hours of uninterrupted sleep; and moms can allow baby play and crawl around without fear of leakage. These features and more cater for the healthy development of the baby; a happy baby is a healthy baby,” he added.

About Pampers

For more than 50 years, Pampers has been helping to improve life for babies, toddlers, and the parents who care for them through a complete line of diapers, training pants, and wipes designed for every stage of baby’s development. The Pampers line of quality products in Nigeria includes Pampers Premium Care, Pampers Baby-Dry and Pampers Wipes. Please visit for in-depth information on baby care.

About Pampers #MomsKnowBest

Through the #MomsKnowBestPampers is encouraging moms to share useful tips with each other across mom blogs/forums and also on the Pampers owned platforms. Join the conversation; follow Pampers and share your experiences using the #MomsKnowBest hashtag.

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