Tips to My Younger Self

You have heard the saying that “Hindsight is 20:20” meaning that when you look back on your life, on past experiences you are able to see the situation much clearer. The things that seemed so muddled or used to make you anxious start seem to make sense now. Failure is feedback as you would have made mistakes along the way that you learnt from.

Life as a teacher means that you are able to advise other people because you have been there and done that, you have walked that path before. Perhaps you are more discerning and able to see trouble looming ahead so are able to help someone avoid going down that painful path. Some mistakes have already been made so that others do not have to repeat the same mistakes. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle that you sometimes piece together backwards.

So we have decided to share some letters that a few courageous women have written to their younger selves and agreed to share with LagosMums. Have you ever thought about what you would say to your younger self if you had the chance? Well now you do. Enjoy the letter below.

Tips to My Younger Self

by Bola Sokunbi

Do it

Courage – Do not wait till the perfect time, pursue your ideas whole heartedly – You can totally do it

failure and success

Failure – Failing is part of the process of life, you will learn your most valuable lessons.


Investments – Get a head start and invest as much as you can early – It will be totally worth it.

Saying No

Say No – It is ok to say no, and it is ok to walk away sometimes. It is better earlier than later.

Silence is Power – Sometimes saying nothing at all is the best response, trust me!



On Children – Having children is a life changer but do not be afraid. It is the best gift ever and your children will love you.


Sleep and Rest – Do not take the luxury of sleep for granted, especially before you have children (lol)



Material Goods – Oh and by the way, you really do not need that ridiculously large handbag collection!

Thank you for sharing Bola! Would you be interested in sharing letters with your younger self and bless someone with your experience. [Read: Jane Fonda’s Letter]

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