Chores and children

Final Tips on Parenting Etiquette

Final Tips on Parenting Etiquette

Contributed by Janet Adetu

We have come to the final tips on parenting etiquette, as mentioned earlier these are not in any way conclusive and will still let you know more as they come to me in future. Read more from the earlier posts 

  • Chores

Many children enjoy being looked after by a nanny or older relative, so most times  get a lot done for them. To keep their bedroom clean  becomes a huge issue for most teenagers and a burden to parents. Your child is never too young to learn the art of responsibility. Exercise the art of giving your child a sense of responsibility by giving him or her regular daily or weekly chores. This will nurture them into a regular routine assignment and alleviate laziness traits that may be cultivating.

Find ideal chores for your child to do willingly and not grudgingly. Start with their room, bed, bathroom, clothing, shoes. Washing plates, emptying out the trash, washing dad’s car, cooking Sunday lunch, making up the bed, putting dirty laundry in the washing machine are but a few ideas you may practice with.

Chores and children

  • Health and Hygiene

It must not go pass without mentioning the need to teach your child personal  hygiene no matter the age. Waking up to have a good shower,  brush teeth, groom hair, use of body cream and deodorants is mandatory.Ensuring that clothes worn are perfectly clean and odourless must be taken seriously. Your child could exhibit leadership traits, therefore must acknowledge that image and appearance is the number one criteria.

  • Share the Spirit

Teach your child the need to give to the poor and the needy. Let them recognize that generosity and charity is very rewarding, the spirit of giving must be shared. Take your child with you to charity walks, shows and events, to appreciate that the less privileged have a life to live too. Everything in life is not gold.

Good luck in your mission as a parent. These tips should be read over again and again to make this journey smoother. Are there some more tips you would add to the list?

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