Parenting Tips in the Digital Age

For many children and teenagers, electronics are a way of life. Parenting tips in the digital age is a necessary need. Children spend a lot of time staring at screens and these include video games, smart phones, tablets.

social mediaThere is a lot of conversation about whether technology is good or bad for children. According to Doctors Gene Beresin and Ellen Braaten work at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Clay Center for young healthy minds, there is no evidence – yet – that technology is turning kid’s brains, as some parents fear, to mush.

Technology definitely has its benefits. Younger children can use technology to learn about colors, math and reading. Older children can use it to learn about their world, research and explore different concepts.

There is no getting away from the influence of the internet and technology. However, there are some general guidelines and advice for parents and caregivers; raising kids in the digital generation.

Become more computer literate

If you are computer and internet literate you have a better chance at staying one step ahead of what your kids are doing. If children feel that you do not know what is going on, they will have no desire to discuss this medium with you. On the other hand if you are technology savvy then it is easier for you to have an open discussion about the pros and cons of technology. You can no longer afford to say you do no understand how twitter or Instagram works.

Interact with your child 

There are many ways for you to integrate technology and the use of electronics into your family life. If you show your children that there is no mystery, they are more likely to use the internet and technology in a healthy way.

Limit screen time

Just as moderation is key with most things in life it is the same with the use of technology and electronics. Screen time should be limited based on the age of the child.

Security control

Children can end up being victims of technology or the internet if there are no controls put in place. Victimisation can include becoming addicted to the internet or being exposed to inappropriate content. As a parent being responsible in this digital age includes instituting security controls to protect your child.

Technology and access to information to connect children with the world and to learn is great. However, it needs to be harnessed the right way such that it does not become a vice.

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