How To Peel Beans With A Blender

moin moinOur recipe for the week covers how to peel beans with a blender. Most people love to eat anything made with beans such as akara, Moin Moin, Gbegiri etc. However, the stress of peeling beans can be rather tasking. Some people get worked up even imagining peeling beans.

I recently discovered how to peel beans with the use of a blender. This new method, makes it much easier to make Akara or Moin Moin.

All you need is a blender, beans and water.


Pour the beans in the blender (with sharp blades).

Add enough water to cover the beans.

Soak the beans in the water for 3 minutes (make sure it does not exceed 3 minutes so it does not become too soft).

Turn on the lowest button of your blender for two seconds then stop it.

Do this process two or three times till the skin of the beans has been separated from it.

Pour into a bowl and rinse using your sieve.

That is it, you have your peeled beans.

Note: make sure you peel the beans in batches. If you are peeling a lot of beans use a food processor that can contain a lot of beans.

You can blend the peeled beans with pepper in the blender to make your Akara, Moin Moin, Gbegiri (bean soup) etc.

There are more tips on how to use your kitchen gadgets in new ways. Such as pounding yam with a blender. You can also make jam filled pancakes or healthy puff puff with a sandwich maker.

Contributed by Abimbola Oki, Food enthusiast | [email protected] | @fabbimzy

source: afrolems
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