An investment in a British boarding school education reaps rewards for life…

Insights from some of the 24 leading UK boarding schools attending the largest education exhibition in Lagos on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October – organised by Mark Brooks Education with Anderson Education.

‘The leading schools across the world focus on just two areas: developing key personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviours, and optimising the achievements of their pupils across a wide range of fields beyond and including the academic’, says Mr Mike Hall, who will be joining us in Lagos and is Head of Ashford School.

How to prepare children for quality education
Gareth Doodes, Head of Dover College explains that this happens because of a highly supportive mindset in UK schools.  He explains: “At Dover College we support each other in an environment that feels more like a family. We eat together, pray together and stay together. We enjoy debate, discussion and laughter while eating in the Great Hall as well as meeting four times a week in Chapel.”


Some of the ways that the welcoming and well-resourced British boarding school community prepares young people include…

1. Instilling values

“Pupils are encouraged to try new things and push out of their comfort zones.  Through this they learn to embrace failures as the best way to achieve success,” says Matt Williams, Head of Warminster. 

2. Full activities programme

Gordonstoun believes the role of a school is not only to prepare you for exams, it’s to prepare you for life, says Titus Edge, Head of their senior school.  “We offer a broader curriculum that broadens minds.”

At Taunton they pride themselves on nurturing excellence and involvement in a varied sports programme which enables those pupils striving for sporting excellence and elite performance, in county, regional and national competitions.

3. Fulfilling academic potential 

With small classes, excellent teaching and the best possible resources, students fulfil their academic potential and gain places at world leading universities.  

At Cardiff Sixth Form College, their approach is to ‘provide students with a strong, disciplined curriculum of core subjects, whilst also monitoring and aiding individual progress.’

Head of Dean Close Senior School, Bradley Salisbury adds: ‘I am constantly struck by the inspiring culture of learning, both inside and outside the classroom, which seems to sweep everyone along.’

Rossall’s Head, Jeremy Quartermain concludes: ‘Most importantly, young people leave with the confidence, compassion, resilience and academic qualifications to support their future personal and professional success and happiness.’

The full list of schools attending the event is: Abbey DLD, Ashford School, Bournemouth Collegiate School, Bromsgrove School, Campbell College, Cardiff Sixth Form College, Christ College, Brecon, Dean Close, Dover College, Earlsliffe College, Gordonstoun, Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools, Holmewood House School, Hurtwood House, Lincoln Minster School, Mount Kelly, Rockport, Rossall School, St David’s College, Taunton School, Warminster School and Woodhouse Grove School.

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