Recipe How To Make Moin Moin

Our recipe this week is Moin Moin; which is a staple in Nigeria, it is rich in protein and a favourite for many. Moin moin according to health nutritionists is a healthy meal and a good source of protein to add to your meals.

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Photo Source: Naijalife


  • Beans- 2 cups
  • Red Bell Pepper (Tatashe) – 3 pieces
  • Scotch bonnet (Rodo) – 3-4 pieces
  • Onions – 1
  • Eggs – 2
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cube
  • Banana leaves ( you can also use foil paper/plate or plastic)
  • Titus fish, boiled eggs, shrimps, corn beef (based on your preference)


  • Peel and wash the beans (you can use the blender method shared in the post – How to peel beans with a blender)
  • If you are using the Titus fish or shrimps, boil and debone the fish and set aside. If using egg boil your eggs now.
  • Place a pot on the fire and add a little water. If you are using banana leaves, wash the leaves, cut the stick of the leaves and line them in the pot.
  • Wash the peppers and onions and blend together with the beans until you get a smooth paste
    • N.B the paste shouldn’t be thick
  • Pour the paste in a mixing bowl, add a cooking spoon of vegetable oil, break the two raw eggs inside the paste and mix.
  • Then add salt and seasoning cubes to taste (you can dissolve the seasoning cube in hot water before adding it to the paste)
  • You can add water to the paste if it is too thick (it should be a little watery). Mix well.
  • Then use the cooking spoon or a cup to pour the paste into the leaves/plastic plate/foil paper. Add the fish/shrimps/corn beef/boiled egg then wrap the leaves or cover the plate and arrange them in the pot. Do this until all the paste has been poured.
  • Cover the pot and allow to cook for 15 minutes.

When done bring it out, unwrap and enjoy with your meal.

Contributed by Abimbola Oki, Food enthusiast | @fabbimzy

photo source: 9ja foodie

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