Some Dangers of The Internet

The need for awareness on some of the dangers of the internet continue to increase. Accordingly parents and caregivers need to teach children about the good and the bad sides of the internet. As children have access to the internet early they also need to be aware that the internet can be used to hurt people.

ONLINE DANGERSI came across a story  (from pulseng) of a man who posted indecent pictures of a woman he had been dating because she was no longer giving him money on demand. He decided to blackmail her by putting her nude pictures on the internet. I wonder did he spend anytime thinking about how she would feel? She is a single mum so she has a child or children, did he think about what the effect could be on her children?

Beware of Actions. Everyone needs to be careful of their vulnerability on the internet. Children especially should be taught to be cautious in these days of “selfies” and everyone with a camera enabled device. This generation is being raised in a world that doesn’t seem to forget – I say this because the world wide web stores everything! They should learn to ask “What are you doing and why are you doing it” and be mindful that actions come with consequences. Every picture they take go viral quickly and end up on the internet. Teaching children internet etiquette is one of the ways to save them from being victims and or from using the internet inappropriately. Lastly overall it is better to avoid taking inappropriate pictures that can put you in an awkward position later. No one has control over the actions of the person who has the picture with them.

Further inquiries brought up that the practice of posting inappropriate pictures to punish or embarrass is actually on the rise and is called “Revenge Porn”

Revenge porn is sexually explicit media that is publicly shared online without the consent of the pictured individual.Revenge porn may be uploaded by ex-partners with an intention to shame or embarrass the pictured individual, or by hacker. Many of the images are pictures taken by the pictured persons themselves, or selfies with victims mostly being women.The uploaded formerly-private explicit images are often accompanied by personal information, including the pictured individual’s full name, links to Facebook and social media profiles or addresses. Nations which have passed laws against revenge porn include Israel, Germany, and twelve states within the United States. (Wikipedia)

Let us all be aware and educate our children accordingly about some of the dangers of the internet.

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