Beauty Tips for Aging skin

Product Review – Beauty Products to Keep Your Skin Young

I was getting my makeup done by a makeup artist and we started talking about skin care. She mentioned that as we get older, our skin starts to age and there are things we can do to ensure that we keep our skin looking young and healthy.


Beauty Products to Keep Your Skin Young
I immediately started getting a beauty consultation as we got my makeup done and i asked her for some tips I can use.
Recommended Daily Routine
  1. Wash your face – you can use facial wash products such as St Ives Apricot scrub
  2. Use a Makeup Remover such as the Neutrogena oil-free makeup remover to get all the makeup off properly
  3. Use a Toner to balance the ph of the skin after stripping it from using the various cleaning products. You can use Witch hazel or rose water as a toner.
  4. Eye-cream will help with the puffiness and fine lines; use one that contains peptides and retinol. A product like Olay Regenerist is recommended.
  5. Moisturiser- A good moisturiser is important. Use products such as St Ives Timeless skin collagen Elastin or Olay Complete Moisturiser with SPF 15

Anti-ageing brands that we can easily find in Nigeria include brands such as Neutrogena, L’oreal and Olay They can be purchased on Jumia or at the big department stores.

These brands have good products for use to take care of our skin. Our skin needs to be cleaned properly at night especially when you think of the makeup, the sweat, pollution and toxins that we face daily.

Bedtime Routine

It is important to use the heaviest products at night before bed. While you use the lighter products in the morning under makeup. Always use products with SPF because the sun has harmful and ageing rays. As black people, because we have melanin does not mean we are exempt from using SPF.

Here are some of the best foundations for ageing skin
Drugstore Brand Recommendations
  1. Maybelline super stay – I personally use this and love it for my day to day use. Get yours here.
  2. Loreal infallible pro-glow foundation
  3. Milani Conceal +Perfect foundation
High-End Brand Recommendations 
  1. Lancome Teint – This is another personal recommendation I love. You can get yours here on Jumia or at Amazon here. However, I recommend you get professionally matched. In Lagos, you can visit an authorised beauty store like Beauty Bar at the Palms Shopping Mall.
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