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How to Raise Children to be Ready for the Future

Every parent wants to raise their child(ren) in a way that prepares them to live
a happy and productive life in the future. However, we cannot always tell if we are
doing the right thing until our children grow up. However, one thing we can do is to
prepare them for the future in the best way possible. Below are a few tips on how to
raise children to be ready for the future.

kids for the future LagosMums
Have a family vision

Parents need a family vision. What kind of children (and adults) are you trying to
raise? It is easy to lose sight of our long-term goals of raising happy, healthy, and
confident children if we do not have a clear family vision. Having a vision helps to
ensure the right family values are passed on to the children and the desired skills are
monitored and achieved

Be a good example

Our children do what they see us do more than what we say to them. It is important
that we model the right character and values for them to learn from. Being role
models as parents will determine whether children will aspire to be leaders or

Give them age-appropriate responsibilities

Allow children to take on as much responsibility and assign tasks when they are able
to perform them. Giving children age-appropriate chores can start with getting
toddlers to tie their shoelaces or clear their toys when they are done playing. Chores
teach them to take responsibility for themselves and become contributing
members of the family. They also become more responsible, self-sufficient and work
better with others.

Encourage team-related activities and family games

One of the major skills children need for the future is learning to work with different
kinds of people. An excellent way to develop this is to engage in family games and

encourage children to participate in team activities of all kinds. This could be sports,
music groups, or anything your child is interested in. Learning to interact with people
and build people skills will serve children well in future.

Teach children to set goals

Successful people learn how to set goals and meet them. For the employer, this
means they are productive. For the individual, this can mean personal success and

Teach them about money early

Children need to learn how to budget, save and invest. There is no better time to
start learning this than when they are young. Talk about money in simple ways that
they understand. As they get older give them pocket money, teach them how to
budget and save. Teach them about investing.

Raise children who have GRIT

According to research, a child’s long-term success is determined by his/her ability to
work hard, endure struggle, fail, and try again. Allow your kids to struggle and feel
discomfort. Do not do everything for them. Allow them to go through the emotions of
disappointment and confusion, and help them figure out the next steps to make the
situation better and more productive. This way, they will develop perseverance,
resilience and true grit.

Children need Exercise

Physical activity will prevent obesity, and it will teach children healthy habits that can
last a lifetime. Regular exercise will keep their body healthy and fit, improve sleep,
build bones and muscle and keep certain types of diseases at bay. Children who
exercise are most likely to keep exercising as they become adults.

Teach children how to eat healthily

One of the most important things we can do is to help our children learn healthily
eating habits. Children need a balanced diet with food from all food groups. Healthy
eating can help children maintain a healthy weight, avoid certain health problems,
stabilize their energy, and sharpen their minds. [Read: How to make Bournvita Smoothie]

There are many ways to raise children for the future. Children need several skills for the future, however, this is a roundup of some ways you can raise them to be ready for the future.

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