Protective Hairstyles For Harmattan

The Harmattan season is here with its cool and relaxing ambience. Also, some of the prominent features of this season is the fact that almost everything is dry, dusty and scaly. You might have noticed that you need to apply more lip balm as well as carry a moisturizer around for your skin. Your hair also needs some tender loving and care this harmattan. If your hair is left unattended to in this weather, it will get extremely dry, brittle & start to break off, and I am very sure you don’t want such for your hair. It is the protective hairstyles season and we want you to slay effortlessly!

Here are some protective hairstyles for harmattan we’ve curated for you, so you still look awesome & your beautiful hair is also protected:

  • Braids
Protective braids on a kid

This is for those women and also very suitable for children who do not mind spending a few hours to braid their hair. Box braid is the perfect style for you This season. We just love everything about this style; from the size to the length is simply gorgeous! If you are looking to achieve classy and trendy at the same time, this is the perfect style for you! And the braid below too is also a must-do this season to protect both natural and relaxed hairs!

Protective Braids
  • Wigs
Full lace Protective wig

This has to be my preferred protective style method because they are versatile and they do not allow for you to neglect your hair while in protection. Different wig styles work for different people so try out different wigs, invest in more than one if you want. Take a bold step and try that bold coloured wig you’ve always wanted.

  • Satin Bonnets
Satin Bonnets

Satin hair bonnets are a staple for protecting your hair at night—especially if you’re trying to preserve your natural hairstyle. Like a good silk pillowcase or a trusty no-crease tie, the satin lining helps reduce friction and damage, it is also a must-have for children because it is comfortable to play around with while protecting their hair from dust. We will highly recommend it to use this dry season because it helps to retain moisture and prevents dryness.


Some recommended Hair Products to use this dry season

If you sometimes skip on moisturising and sealing your hair, try to be much more consistent during the cold months. Moisturising and sealing regularly will keep your hair hydrated and give it the elasticity it needs to fight breakage.
Some women find that they need to moisturise and seal their hair twice a day during harmattan. You may also need to review the products you normally use to be sure that they are still effective. Some ladies switch to using heavier/thicker moisturisers and oils/butters during this season.

Here are some products we trust and will recommend for you to try out this season!

  • TCB Antidandruff Hair Food

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Applying an oil-based moisturiser on your hair will help hydrate and retain its moist texture. If that is what you want, then TCB herbal Pomade is definitely a must-have!

  • TCB Herbal Pomade

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We absolutely love how classy, chic and easy to pull off these Protective Styles are and with the use of the anti-dandruff hair food and hair pomade… Complete protection is guaranteed!

So, even if you are going to that special occasion, that little hangout with family and friends, to work or just relaxing at home during this cool season, these protective hairstyles are the go-to styles to protect your hair.

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