Put a Foot Forward

We all know the popular saying that says put your best foot forward, I choose to rephrase it a bit and say put a foot forward.

pretty feetWhy do I say this? Do you perhaps have a vision or a plan that you might wonder where it came from? It comes from your unique DNA that makes you who you are, it comes from the experiences both good and bad that you have gone through and it comes from the gifts and talents that God has equipped you with.

We can all have ideas, the question is how many of these ideas can become reality. So many times when we come across a new product or we have a new experiences we might say “wow how did he or she think of that”? some of us might even say “I thought of that before” or even “I wish I could come up with such ideas” .

We all can, we all have thoughts and therefore can think of solutions. Every time you have an experience or use a product and spend sometime wondering what you could do different, there in might lie the very solution that you and the world needs. Don’t limit yourself by thinking that you are the only one and no one else needs it. The chances are that the solution you create will possibly affect a host of people who see value in it.

If God is the true author of your life there is nothing you will do that will not be according to his will for your life. So you have an idea, you have prayed about it and have received confirmation that this is the direction God wants you to go in. It feels right and you have even spoken to a few friends and family about it, but you are still hesitating to act and waiting to put your best foot forward! If not careful you can stay at this stage for a very long time.

Remember the question of the best foot forward is relative to the person who is viewing it and everyone has different expectations. Faith and obedience go hand in hand, there is a place for faith and this is the root of all things really, but then very importantly also there is the place for obedience. Obedience by taking action and following what you have been mandated to do is as important, I say mandated because if God gave you a vision, gift, talent or idea then he expects you to act on it. So you must make a move and step out.

Just the same way a car will not automatically get to a destination without you first putting the key in the ignition, starting the car and driving. It is the same way you cannot arrive at a destination if you do not take action and move.

While driving your car you might use a GPS system or google maps or simply ask people for directions. This is the same way that in your life and in your plans you will need people around you to help you realize your vision, give you direction and encourage you along the way. First you will need to take a step.

Lastly as you start your journey just as you would while driving a car either turn left or right or make a u-turn is the same way you should see your life and change direction as needed. Afterall you would not park the car on the road and refuse to move one way or the other.

So as Mo will say “If you CAN think it …you CAN do it! …it is the truth. So put a foot forward and do not worry if it is the best or not. Commit to doing the best you can and strive for excellence but do not limit yourself by being “fearful” of taking any step at all.

photo source: stonecirclecoaching.com

Original post appeared on 26 Nov 2014

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