Recipe Of The Week – Groundnut Stew And Coconut Rice

Our Recipe Of The Week is Groundnut stew and Coconut rice. Have you ever tried this recipe? If you’ve not, you’re about to be amazed. If you have, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this way. Our recipe of the week has a different twist to it, you’re going to love it. Did I hear you say stressful? Oh no, it’s fun and exciting to prepare! You are definitely in for a treat!

coconut rice

The Nigerian Coconut Rice, prepared with coconut milk extract, is sure to wake up your taste buds. Accompanied with the creamy, groundnut soup that is full of flavors.

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Groundnut Stew Recipe

Groundnut stew (also called peanut stew) is a common but delicious Nigerian delicacy. The selling point of this stew is that it comes together in no time.


  • Groundnut (500g)
  • Fresh pepper
  • Two large tomatoes
  • Two cubes of Maggi Naija pot
  • Chicken (Turkey or Fish can be used as well)
  • A handful of chopped Efinrin or spinach (substitute with other greens) (optional)


  1. Blend groundnut with fresh pepper and two large tomatoes together until it’s smooth.
  2. Pour it into a cooking pot and put it on the fire to cook. While cooking you must continue to stir it until it comes to a boil.
  3. Add two cubes of Maggi Naija Pot.
  4. Allow to simmer for another ten minutes then add your already boiled chicken, turkey or any meat or fish of your choice along with the stock.
  5. Finally, If you are adding vegetable, wash your vegetable, chop and add to the pot.
  6. You now have a pot full of groundnut soup, simmering with exotic spices in a rich beef or chicken stock. Leave it to boil for another ten minutes. And it’s ready to serve.
  7. Serve warm over rice.

Coconut Rice Recipe

This Coconut rice is called the Rice with a twist! It feels good to see the looks on your kids or friends faces when they think you are serving them the good old white Rice but the moment the first spoon enters the mouth, you are sure to get the looks of delight!

The following quantities of ingredients are served for four(4) people.


  • Coconut (one big ball)
  • 3 cups of rice
  • Onions (2 bulbs)
  • Maggi Naija Pot cubes (1 or 2)
  • Groundnut/vegetable oil half cup (150ml)


  1.  You start by breaking the coconut then grate the coconut with a grater. Add a cup of water and then squeeze out the white water (coconut milk) which is needed for the preparation of coconut rice. Filter the squeezed out milk and set aside in a bowl
  2. Parboil three cups of rice
  3. Grind the onions, or you can slice it if you like.
  4. Set your cooking pot on heat, add half cup (150ml) of vegetable/groundnut oil.
  5. Allow to heat for at least 90 seconds before adding the ground or sliced onions. Now fry and stir.
  6. Add the coconut milk.
  7. Add a cube of Maggi Naija Pot
  8. Allow to boil before adding the rice, cook until it is very soft for consumption (approximately 40 minutes).
  9. Once it is soft enough to your desire, go ahead and serve hot with groundnut stew.


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