Hire Domestic Staff

4 Things to Know about the Right Way to Hire Domestic Staff

It takes a team to get most things done and it is no different when it comes to the management and running of your home. Most homes, use the services of domestic staff to get everything they need to do. These staff which include nanny, drivers, cooks etc can be a great resource for busy parents if done right. However, there is a right way to hire domestic staff to ensure you get the best out of the arrangement. We will be sharing some of the steps you should consider for hiring domestic staff in Nigeria and share some resources that can help. Always do your own due diligence, do not rely on one source.


Hire Domestic Staff
The Right Way to Hire Domestic Staff

There is a high price to pay for hiring the wrong staff! Just as a Company would not hire staff without carefully interviewing and doing background checks; in the same way, you need to be thorough and careful when hiring a nanny or any other domestic staff.

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1. Reputable Source

The right way to hire domestic staff includes using a reputable source of referral. There are many ways to get domestic staff which include word of mouth referrals from your friends’ nanny or your cousins’ driver. While this could be a credible source, you need to be sure the source is reputable and trustworthy. An alternative way to find candidates is to go through a reputable nanny agency, but be sure to take the time to understand how they find their candidates.

2. Background Check

Background checks are important and it is advisable that this is carried out by someone who has experience. This should include address verification, guarantor check and past employment verification. Most good agencies will provide this service and ensure a background check has been completed for the candidate.

  • Icarella Childcare Services offers the service of assessment and background check whether or not Icarella provided your nanny. I have personally used this service and they carry out very professional assessments of the potential hire, including background check (with address verification) and medical.
3. Medical Check

Health screening should be considered a necessary step prior to hiring new domestic staff. This is not discrimination. The odds are that when you start a new office job you are required to undergo a physical examination right? Same thing here, there is nothing wrong with knowing the health status of staff that will be caring for a baby or cooking your food. This way you know if there is anything they need to see a doctor for. There are several labs and clinics that would carry out a basic domestic staff health check in Lagos.

4. Interview Process

Interview your potential nanny or other staff. Be clear what the job description entails and discuss this in the interview process. Are you looking for someone to entertain older children but she has experience with babies? Everyone has different skills and experience. Take the time to interview who you are considering.

Ask for references and where possible speak to a past employer.

Do not interview when you are stressed or are in a rush to hire new staff. We have all been there, but if you hire in a rush you will more likely regret it later. When you are in a rush you are less likely to properly assess the suitability of the staff. Please do not hire a nanny or domestic staff out of desperation. Another helpful tip could be to have someone else also interview the candidate, this way you get a different opinion. However, do keep in mind that you need to make the final decision based on what you want.

These are some of our tips on how to hire domestic staff; so that you avoid making the wrong choice. [Read: 9 key tips on how to treat your nanny]

Some sources to help with hiring domestic staff in Nigeria
  • Icarella Childcare Services – Visit their website for more details. Services include health status verification, background checks, purpose and personality assessment, training and provision of uniforms.
  • Brookside Medical Practice – Offers domestic staff health screening package. Visit their website for more details or call +2348179795565. The clinic is located in Dolphin Ikoyi.
  • VerifyMeNigeria – Collects biodata information to verify identities. Read more here about the service they provide and visit their website for more information.
  • Nanny Academy – The Nanny Academy offers professional caregiver programs and Nanny employment/placement service. Visit their website for more. 
(Watch Interview – Ways to Manage Domestic Staff (Pulse TV))


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