School Feature Of The Month: Arcadia School

Hello Mums! As part of our ongoing school feature series, this week we will be looking at Arcadia School.


What is the name of your school and where was it founded?

Arcadia Montessori School & Kids Club was founded in 2016.


Where is the school located?

240a Kofo Abayomi,  Victoria Island


Please give details of your staff/ administration?

The head of school is Mrs Enimien Etomi Inegbedion. She is a Computer Information Systems graduate and has an MBA. She is also an MCI London certified Early Childhood Montessori practitioner and has worked extensively with children. Our directresses are Montessori trained and the teaching assistants all have experience working with children. All go through the necessary medical and background checks.

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Ratio of kids to teachers.

0 months – 18 months: 1:2

18 months – 3 yrs: 1:4

3yrs – 5yrs: 1:8


Number of children in the school and its capacity?

The School has a capacity for 45 students.


What age range are your students and classes?

Classes run from  7am – 7pm for a full day with half day options to suit working and non working parents. Arcadia Kids Club also accepts children from other schools from 1.30 till 7pm for an after school enrichment programme. There are a broad range of activities for the after school club.


What is the curriculum/ Teaching methodology?

At Arcadia we believe that the foundation of a good education fosters a love of learning and the ability to adapt to change. Our broad-based curriculum encompasses the very best of the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as the highly successful Montessori programme. The result is a rigorous yet innovative hybrid curriculum that goes beyond traditional programmes of education. Our course of study is an integrated thematic approach that ties the separate disciplines of both curricula together.

At Arcadia, lessons are introduced simply and concretely in the early years and are re-introduced several times during the following years at increasing degrees of abstraction and complexity.

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Extra-curricular activities available? School Hours and any after school services offered?

An after school enrichment programme is provided by Arcadia Kids Club tutors. Children from other schools are welcome to participate in various extra curricular activities as well as finish their homework or have extra lessons.


What is the admission process? Deadline/ is it rolling

Visit us — call us to set up a school tour. Seeing is believing – which is why we invite you to tour our school before you complete an application.

  1. Taster Day.  On your school visit, you and your child will be invited to make an appointment for a taster day.  This will give you and your child the opportunity to you spend the morning with us, meet the teachers and children.
  2. Complete an application. At your tour, or taster day, we will give you an admission form to complete.  We can also send you an admission form beforehand, should you want to have this form ahead of time.
  3. Register your child.  If we jointly decide that Arcadia is a good fit for your child,  you can complete the registration by paying a non-refundable registration fee in addition to a non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied to the annual fee upon commencing nursery.  The admission form needs to be completed, which indicates your child’s start date and schedule of fees. If we do not have space available for your chosen start date, or if you are interested in enrolling your child in the future (e.g., once he becomes old enough, or once you move, or for the next school year), you can place your child on our waiting list. We will note your requested start date and contact you when a suitable opening becomes available.
  4. Place secured. After registering your child, we will provide you with our parent handbook, which contains a number of policies (e.g. mission statement, general information, illness policy, staff, and more).  We also require certain forms from you that we collect before we admit your child into Arcadia. Please return these forms, along with the payments outlined in your copy of the schedule of fees, prior to your child’s start date. Follow this link :Arcadia schools

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Tuition? is their a payment plan for the pupils?

There are monthly and termly payment plans available.


How do you access students progress?

Each child’s learning requirement is supported appropriately within the classroom. Children benefit, particularly in the early years, from the multi-sensory approach employed by the Montessori method of education. Staff work closely with parents and where necessary, liaise with external advisors such as educational psychologists. Each child has a record card where achievements are recorded and monitored.


Discipline methods?

Part of the Montessori approach is to redirect energy from destructive to constructive. Maria Montessori said, “don’t correct; teach”. Another catch phrase is, “consequences, not punishment”. Montessori teachers are not  punitive nor coercive. Expectations and boundaries are made clear. The expectations for small kids are not taught by correcting, but by directly teaching, and also by the example older kids provide in the classroom. This is one of the big advantages of having the mixed age classrooms. One way behaviour is taught is by “grace and courtesy lessons”, in which behaviour is acted out and practiced. For instance the teacher and an older student or assistant teacher, will act out what a child can do and say when another child takes something of theirs. Then the children take turns playing the different parts of the little drama. If a child is being dangerous or in danger, they will be removed from the situation.

For more:

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Do you offer a school bus service?

Currently we do not provide a school bus service but will look into it for the future


Any other information you would like to share

Not just being a particular way of learning and development, more importantly Montessori principles are concerned with the development of the whole personality, seeing it as the foundation on which everything which follows will be built. Children are active learners and will learn from the environment if it offers appropriate stimuli to their development. Learning is guided by the children’s developmental needs, and flourishes when the children are given time and space to observe, explore and investigate the environment and engage with it. Empathetic practitioners play an active part in engaging children with the favourable environment. They facilitate the child’s need to learn, not only from them, but also from peers and by themselves.

The above was taken from the “Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Montessori Settings”.


What should parents be looking for to decide if your school would work for them/their children?

Arcadia Montessori nurtures the different stages of development a child goes through. We will encourage children to initiate deeper learning by providing an ordered environment for creativity and curiosity. The materials for the classroom have been specifically chosen to help students explore new things with all five senses. Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori method describes certain windows of opportunity in a child’s educational development. Our classroom tools are especially designed to help children fully embrace these special periods of cognitive, social, and spiritual growth. We will also be focusing on Kindergarten readiness for the children, with special emphasis on the 4 and 5 year-olds.

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How is your school preparing children for learning and operating in the 21st century?

The top five types of knowledge and skills employers are looking for in the 21st Century were listed by a Gallup poll in this order and are all skills deeply embedded in the Montessori method:

  1. Critical thinking and problem solving,
  2. information technology application,
  3. teamwork and collaboration,
  4. creativity and innovation,
  5. and diversity training.

Montessori education has been proven to prepare children for the 21st Century “real world.”

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How do we contact you for more information? Or to schedule a visit to the school?

Address: 240a Kofo Abayomi, Victoria island, Lagos

Tel: 0809 067 5327

Instagram: @arcadiamontessorischool

E-mail: d[email protected]

Thank you for reading through. We hope you loved what you read and saw.

Arcadia School: Where independent learning begins.

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