School Of The Month Feature: Shebah School

This May 2019, our school of the month is Shebah School. LagosMums loves to introduce detailed insights on schools around Lagos. Read what makes Shebah School an outstanding school for parents to consider while looking for a good school for their children

What is the name of your school, and when was it founded?

Shebah School is a Christian School that was founded on the 3rd of September 2016

Please give details of your staff/ administration?

Our teaching staff is made up of full-time, dedicated, experienced and professionally qualified teachers; who seek to keep abreast of developments in education on the international scene. The responsibility for teaching the core subjects of the curriculum rests with the class teacher who is supported by a teacher’s assistant in the nursery classes.

Specialist teachers teach ICT, Music, French, Yoruba, Art and Physical Education. We also have some part time staff who will handle our extra- curricular program.

Other members of staff include; the Secretary, Business Office Manager, Office clerk Cleaners, Nannies ,Security personnel and School Bus driver as support staff.

The management team includes the Proprietress Mrs. H.T. Lawani, the Head of School Mrs Oluyemi Ajewole and heads of Departments.

What is the ratio of kids to teachers?

Our aim is to identify and recognize the individual differences in children and to provide each child with a positive and complete educational experience. To achieve this goal, we maintain small class sizes a pupil/teacher ratio of about 10:1 in the nursery classes and 15:1 in the primary classes, with emphasis on individualized instruction at each class level.

What is the age range of your students?

We take on children into the creche from the age of three months and are able to keep them all the way to Primary 6 (six)

What are your School Hours?

CRECHE: 6.30a.m – 6.00 pm (Monday – Friday excluding public holidays)
NURSERY: 8.00am – 1.30pm
PRIMARY SCHOOL: 8.00am – 2.30pm

What is the curricular or teaching methodology that you adopt?

The Shebah School Curriculum begins with a focus on the children who come to us, but it extends into the future as well, envisioning the adults these children will become.

Children are at the heart of everything we do and our aim is to create a friendly, happy atmosphere in an attractive and stimulating environment, where learning is a pleasurable activity, where confidence and self-esteem are developed, and where independence grows.

We also aim to provide a happy and secure atmosphere

  • In which each child is valued as an individual,
  • In which equal opportunities are available
  • And in which development, academic, personal, social, moral and spiritual can take place.

Links with the child’s home are essential. We encourage and develop it in various ways e.g. Home work, Projects, Progress reports and Parental involvement. Within this partnership we aim to help the child develop an interest and pleasure in learning, which will extend into adult life.

In order to achieve this overall aim we provide an atmosphere in which the children can feel safe, happy and valued.

Are there Extra-curricular activities available?

We offer the following extra-curricular activities;
Home Makers
Drama/ Dance/Performing Arts

Are there any after-school services offered?

We offer After School Service from when the school day ends till 6pm

What is the admission process?

We offer a Rolling admission and place pupils in classes after administering a placement test.

Is there a payment plan for the pupils?

Even though all fees are due for payment on or before the first day of the term, we are willing to work with our parents on a payment plan as the need arises and on a case by case basis.

How do you access a student’s progress?

We have continuous assessment tests in the course of the term and at the end of the term we administer an examination. Beyond the child’s academic progress we also have a vision to build the Total Child and so have put structures in place to monitor, model and build character in our children.

What Disciplinary methods do you adopt?

Discipline is firm but friendly and is strongly related to the pupils’ own safety, the safety of others, a care and concern for others and a care and concern for the environment.

We base our rules on kindness and politeness to one another, whether child or adult, and respect for all people, or things with which we may come into contact.

We reinforce good behaviour by praise and encouragement. In addition, we do not allow aggressive and bullying behaviour. WE deal with disruptive behaviour by removing the child from the situation until she/he can behave in a more acceptable way.

We expect the children to learn to walk, sit and play in a reasonably disciplined and orderly manner, and to be especially sensible and safety-conscious when playing outside.

Staff do not use any forms of physical intervention, such as hitting, use of cane or ruler. The Head of School and staff deal with all disciplinary matters during the school day. However if parental involvement is necessary, parents may be contacted by the Head Teacher.

What separates your School from others?

– Our Teachers and Care Givers are well motivated, committed and passionate about what they do and have a heart for the job
– We have created a clean, safe and serene environment, fully fitted with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of our children and staff.
– We walk our talk, deliver on the promise and educate our children for “Time and Eternity”

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Does the school offer a school bus service?

We do offer a School Bus Service

What should parents be looking for to decide if your school would work for them/their children?

Parents should Look out for the personalised attention, attention to details, Spick and Span environment, friendly and committed employees, a place where the child can acquire a reasoned set of attitudes, behaviour and values. Shebah School is that Place

How will your school prepare children for learning and operating in the 21st century?

– Our learning methods take into account the importance of building up children who can think, create, innovate, communicate, collaborate way into their adult years
– Our learning style gives children the opportunity to investigate the world around them, they learn and experiment with new STEAM skills and theories. The classrooms have interactive smart boards and relevant play and learning aids to facilitate this.
– Teachers and Care Givers are constantly exposed to training and engagement; that positions them to adopt the best instructional methods in line with international best practice
How do we contact you for more information? Or to schedule a visit to the school?

Where is your school located?

No 3 Olumide Ige St,
Nelson Nweke Zone,
Magodo – CMD

How do we contact you for more information or to schedule a visit to the school?

Please visit our Website
Or follow us on Instagram – @shebahschool, Facebook  Please call us to schedule a visit – 09090004237, 09090004238.

Thank you!

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