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Our school of the month is Greenwood House School. Greenwood House School is an outstanding school for parents to consider when looking for a good school for their children.

Greenwood House School

Choosing the right school for your child is a very important decision. At LagosMums we bring detailed insights on schools to help parents make decisions in what various schools offer. Recently a LagosMums Representative visited GreenWood House School. She received a warm welcome from the Principal and Staff of the School; the Proprietress gave her a personal tour. Read her review below.

Greenwood House School
L-R: Oyinloye Busayo – LagosMums team member and Dr. Mrs. Titilola Ekua Abudu – Proprietress, Greenwood House School
LagosMums School Review

Greenwood House School is an independent, friendly, Nursery and Primary School in Parkview Estate Ikoyi, Lagos. The atmosphere is a warm and comfortable one that will appeal to parents and make children happy. It is quite impressive to note that each classroom has a projector that encourages technology based learning. The corridors are lined with projects done by the students which gives one an insight on how creatively engaged the students are.

The newly revamped crèche is located in a serene part of the school. The pupils have a  team of qualified, dedicated and experienced staff on ground to engage them in activities that foster their mental, emotional and physical development. The creche has all the necessary facilities including kitchen, toilets and bathrooms, beds, toys and an outdoor playground.

Greenwood House School has a great security measure in place to ensure their pupil’s safety. The School Angel has a unique finger print feature which allows only a registered Parent or Guardian to pick up a child.

When the pupils get to school in the morning, they clock in and their parents receive a message to let them know they are in school. Likewise, during closing hours, only a registered personnel can pick up the child and when the child clocks out a message is sent to the parent to let them know who picked their child and that the child is out of school.

Greenwood House School
The School Angel

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Read below the interview with the proprietress as she discusses the school ethos, curriculum and more

What is the name of your school, and when was it founded?

The name of the School is Greenwood House School and it was founded on the 9th of January 1995 by Mrs Iyabo Durand, a seasoned educationist and Dr Mrs Ekua Abudu a lawyer, Administrator and Educationist.

Please give details of your staff/ administration?

All our staff are qualified and experienced.

What is the ratio of kids to teachers?

In the Creche the ratio is 3 children to 1 adult. In the older classes it is 12 children to 1 adult.

GreenWood House School

What is the age range of your students?

Our students range from 3 months in our day care through nursery and primary to age 11 in primary 6.

What is the curricular and teaching methodology you adopt?

We use the British curriculum in our Primary School. We use the Cambridge Primary curriculum for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. The English National Curriculum (with suitable adaptations to reflect our international nature and Nigerian heritage and location) is the foundation for other subjects such as Geography, History, Music, PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). Other subjects are Art, Physical Education, French and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). We are an Oracle approved school and have started teaching Coding and web designing.

The Cambridge Primary programme provides subject content, planning and resource guides, guidance for curriculum implementation and development, plus support for classroom teaching and student learning. Because it is a programme developed with consistent standards that are externally benchmarked across thousands of students, it enables reliable structured reporting to parents about the performance of their children, which has validity beyond our school.

The academic curriculum is only one part of our school and our focus is always upon the needs and happiness of each individual child. We firmly believe that school days should be the happiest days of everyone’s life and we work hard to make sure that is true for all our students. This means educating according to the abilities, background and potential of each individual. Differentiation is a key concept.

Are there Extra-curricular activities available?

Yes. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities; Individual Instrumental Music, Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Boys Scout, Swimming, Red Cross Society, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Football, Language Club, Tennis, Arts & Crafts, Steam Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts And Mathematics), Chess, Rugby Club, Golf Club.

What are your School Hours?

Our School hours vary. We operate from 7am to 7pm for Creche, 8am to 2pm for playgroup and 8am to 3pm for the rest of the classes except primary 6 that closes at 3:45pm.

Do you offer any after school services?

We offer all our extra activities during the week after school and at the weekend. We also offer support learning classes for children who we feel need additional help from 7:30am – 8:15am.

GreenWood House School

What is the admission process?

We advise parents to register their children at least a year in advance as this helps us with our planning. Usually all applications have to come in at the end of second term and we conduct interviews and tests at the beginning of third term. However, we do find the need to attend to parents as at when the need arises; especially for parents who have just relocated.

Tuition – Is there a payment plan for the pupils?

Tuition varies from year to year. We accept payment plans for parents who need the extra time.

How do you access student’s progress?

There is a continuous process of assessment through classwork, homework, projects and tests.

GreenWood House School

What separates Greenwood House School from others

A distinct feature of Greenwood House School is that it has always been  a warm close knit family community where every child matters. We are known for our high academic standards.  We have experienced, passionate teachers, committed to exceptional education for young children. Our children are confident, respectful and friendly towards each other.  We have our unique way of greeting and we have our unique handwriting.

What Disciplinary methods do you adopt?

Most important is that any disciplinary methods we apply are with correction and empathy. We consequently have to ensure that the child actually understands what they did was wrong; make them see the error to ensure there is no repetition of the questionable behavior. We are able to use counselling, forfeiting of playtime, discussions with parents, reporting to the Principal’s office for guidance. Most importantly, we apply all of these measures in a positive manner.

Does the school offer a school bus service?

We have a bus service that offers transportation from dedicated pick up points to the school and back to your doorstep, every day. These buses are monitored, and every single child is logged onto and off the bus, for safety and security purposes.

What should parents be looking for to decide if your school would work for them/their children?

Parents should feel confident that the school has over 23 year’s fantastic track record. Our senior children have enrolled in extremely good schools, not only locally, but internationally. We are extremely proud of our 100% success rate.

How will your school prepare children for learning and operating in the 21st century?

As the digital age is embedded into school systems, we have tablets that children are able to utilize in the library, for those who find reading electronically more conducive. We also prepare our children for external Computer Based Testing (CBT) that many international schools use as an entrance examination method. We conduct our lessons with the aid of data/ interactive boards and teachers are all connected to give live lessons using the internet as an integral study tool and resource.

GreenWood House School
How do we contact you for more information or to schedule a visit to the school?

Our digital presence on Facebook, Instagram and twitter are easily accessible, but for personal communication, feel free to contact the principal at [email protected], or alternatively +234 817 5222 525. Our website is

We recommend that you visit the schools you are considering and ask questions that are important to your family. Know your child’s needs and be sure to choose the environment they need to thrive.

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