Weight Loss Secrets

I have been on weight loss journey over the last few months and so far have successfully lost about 7kg (16lbs) It might not sound like a lot but it is a lot for someone who has been struggling for a long time to shed the weight.

Some people have been asking me to share my weight loss secrets. So I want to share the secret to my weight loss with you and the big secret is...there is no secret! As cliche as this sounds there are no secrets to weight loss it takes time, sacrifice, consistency and applying the things most of us know.

There is not short cut or quick fix however there are certain things that do help with weight loss.

1. Attitude – Your attitude and mindset matters, determination to loose weight for the right reasons is a big part of successful weight loss. It is not permanent when you try to loose weight just to fit into a dress for an event – use spanx for this. Rather be determined to loose weight for reasons that are long term such as to be healthy, feel better, look better etc.

2. No Crash Diet – Sudden crash diets or cutting out a food class does not give permanent results. All foods have their benefits in the right quantities. Overall eating habits need to be reviewed and changes to eating habits are more effective. Rather tips like loading your meal with vegetables and protein and less carbohydrates are the changes that work long term.

3. Good Eating Habits – Weight loss and keeping it off is a combination of factors, such as eating only when you are hungry and not consuming more calories than you need in a day. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Do not eat late at night. Cut out sodas, processed foods and fast foods (or at least consume in smaller quantities). The truth is a lot of different factors and changes make weight loss successful. Practice makes permanent!

4. Water is important – Drink lots of water, many times you feel hungry you are actually dehydrated. Your body needs water to function properly, to get rid of toxins and to flush out your system effectively. Majority of your body is made up of water so keep yourself hydrated.

5. Food Lifestyle changes – Similar to the point above you need to analyze your lifestyle and think about how you consume. At the most basic,  food is meant to nourish your body, it should not be used to provide comfort or consumed just because it is available. Even at a party with the plate of small chops, eat one puff puff if you must, don’t finish all the pieces on your plate.

6. Detox – Detox can work wonders because between the poor food choices and pollution our bodies are filled with toxins. However it is important to be careful not to detox and retox. While a detox flushes your system and resets your body it must be followed up with healthy eating habits and good balanced diet. Going back to eating pastries, fast food and drinking soda makes a detox useless.

7. Plan your meals – Don’t wait till you are starving before you eat because then  it is more likely to consume more than you need and just what is available. Plan your meals at regular intervals and keep healthy food options around you to encourage healthy eating choices.

8. Distract yourself – Sometimes when you think you are hungry, it might just be boredom. Start with drinking some water and then get involved in an activity like reading or getting involved in an activity.

9. Exercise – Some level of exercise and physical activity is necessary. A 10 minute walk daily is better than not doing anything. Just start with the simplest activity and build up as you go along.

Now the “secrets” to keep the weight off 

  • Eat vegetables or fruits at the beginning of your meal to reduce your consumption of the main course. Eat slowly as it takes time for your brain to know you have had enough.
  • Replace white bread and rice with whole wheat bread and brown rice.
  • Drink warm water and lemon in the morning on an empty stomach – this is a natural diuretic and flushes toxins out.
  • Use of weight loss supplements such as a Detox program, Aloe Vera gel and use of body wrap, the Clean 9 has also been recommended. (if you are interested in this information email [email protected])
  • Reduce your intake of fried foods and rather grill or roast your food. Instead of fried plantain try grilling it for yummy homemade boli.
  • Pick one day during the week to eat only fruits and vegetables.
  • Make smoothies at home to reach your five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Keep snacks handy such as a piece of fruit or handful of nuts as a snack between meals.

These are some of the things i have done to loose the weight and to keep it off, what else has worked for you?

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