Security Concerns For Internet-Connected Toys

In a world of where the face of science and technology is constantly evolving, we are constantly bombarded with new inventions, breakthroughs, and discoveries. It ranges from the cars we use, to the appliances in our houses, even down to the level of the tooth brush in our bathrooms. Science and technology, has not left out our children, as we find toys that are built with uttermost sophistication and finesse to attract and lure in even the most unsuspecting buyers.


This fall, Mattel is set to release the 21st century version of Barbie’s Dream House — a fully-connected smart home.

The lights and appliances will activate automatically when Barbie is placed in different rooms and children can talk to the house to issue commands. The toy may be a dream for digitally-savvy kids but it’s also a new frontier for those focused on protecting children’s privacy.

The rise of connected toys is ushering in a new era of privacy concerns. The Dream House uses the same technology behind Hello Barbie, released last year. That toy was criticized for being able to potentially record children who talked to the doll.

We hear two perspectives on the reality behind connected toys and what to expect.

Tod Beardsley, senior security research manager at Rapid7. He tweets @todb.

Josh Golin, executive director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which tweets @ccfc.

Parents what do you think, is this another welcome breakthrough in science and technology or do you say otherwise? Please send in your comments

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