Some Products to Look Out For When Baby Shopping

Shopping for baby is fun, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. There are some products and brands to look out for when shopping for baby as a result of other mum’s experience, quality and efficiency. There are certainly many mums and dad who wish they had known about certain brands or products clothes

You know the whole splurge versus steal mentality? There are some things worth splurging on and some that are not necessary to spend top Naira (or Dollar on). For other items, it is fine to recycle or enjoy gently used from friends and family, whose children have passed those stages.


When it comes to bedding your baby spends a lot of time in their crib and so you want to buy a good quality crib and mattress. The do grow up so fast so we recommend a sturdy good quality crib that can convert into a toddler bed. Convertible cribs do just that, they are a crib for the baby and convert to a toddler bed as baby grows. Toys R Us has a lot of great options of convertible cribs. A sturdy bed is great especially as baby grows stronger and starts standing up in bed and bounce.


Your baby will feed round the clock and so whether you are breastfeeding or giving formula your feeding tools are important. A good quality hands-free breast pump is highly recommended, especially for mums going back to work. I personally used the Medela Breast Pump and got both the electric and battery operated ones. Thanks to our erratic power supply, you do not want to be stuck if there is no light. The battery operated breast pump is a handy option to have. Remember to get additional ice packs which will keep the milk cold during transportation and Lagos traffic. Some mums are blessed with oversupply – so getting additional storage bottles or reusable bags to label and store your gold milk.


Think comfortable, think easy to put on and take off and think organic. I personally recommend getting 100% cotton clothes for babies. Many babies have sensitive skin and you do not want to aggravate any allergies or skin reactions. So look at the labels and get those soft cotton onesies and sleep suits. Carter’s is currently offering some special offers. Download the Mall for Africa chrome extension or the App and shop directly to Nigeria.


Moving baby around will also be a top priority, of course, you could choose to go totally African with a wrapper. Getting a car seat and a baby carrier is recommended. Car seats that grow with baby are great because it can be used for a longer period. Car seats can also be part of a travel set thereby converting it into a pram/stroller.

While walking around, a sturdy baby carrier that grows with your baby, from inward facing to outward facing will come in handy. Think of walks down the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge. I personally used baby Bjorn which was durable enough to be used for baby number two.

Here are some examples of products and brands to consider when shopping for baby. Think of good quality and value for money when shopping.

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