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Will your money last as long as you do

Will your Money Last as Long as You Do?

Will your Money Last as Long as you Do? For how long do you expect to live? It’s anybody’s guess. But seriously, lifespans are steadily increasing and building a nest egg for your retirement is only one aspect of retirement planning; the other important aspect, is ensuring that those savings you have been accumulating over…

Get Started with passive income

Get Started with Passive Income

Mums, it’s time to walk the talk. There’s so much we have learnt from our seasoned Nimi Akinkugbe about the overwhelming benefits of earning passive income. Let’s now give you some definite steps you can take and be well on your way to earning passive income. Start a Savings Plan Building wealth requires a good…


Are You Earning Passive Income?

Are you interested in making money but don’t particularly want to have to work much harder? Then passive income is for you!  This is basically money that you earn consistently without working too hard or in some cases not doing anything at all. Naturally you would have had to put in most of the hard…

School Success / child's curiosity

How To Save For Your Child’s Education

Children are a bundle of joy and blessing, deserving only the best things in life according to each parent. Gazing lovingly at your beautiful newborn, education and school fees may be the last thing on your mind. Education is regarded as the most essential weapon used by man to control his environment and shape his…

Protect Children Online

What is it about LagosMums? Being a Mum means that you are many things at the same time…


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