Teach Your Children To Be Extraordinary

In our continuing series of A to Z of parenting tips, we are discussing how to teach your children to be extraordinary. Last week we took a look at Teaching our children Wisdom

Teach Them to Think Big and Dream Big

Every child that would become extraordinary in his / her life must be encouraged to dream big and think big. A child can get a head start on success if he is taught how from childhood days. The ability to be extraordinary has its roots in learning to give your best in all situations and striving to be successful in every area.

Teach Them Appreciation

Make sure they understand that the attitude or perception they choose to have to any job will have an impact on their life. Children should learn from a young age to take every role and assignment with a spirit of excellence, no job or role is too small. When people do small things with excellence it leads to bigger opportunities. How we view what we do impacts how we feel about ourselves AND how we feel about ourselves influences every important part of our lives.


Teach Them By Showing Them

So, if you want to teach your children values such as honesty, kindness, generosity, patience, compassion, and tolerance, don’t tell them to do it, SHOW them what it looks like by BEING and LIVING that way, because that will teach them more than any words you might use. If you want your children to live extraordinary lives and to think big…show them by sharing your big dreams with them. When they see you living out your dreams on a daily basis they will see the world as theirs to conquer.

Teach Them Commitment

Being ordinary is easy. To be extraordinary takes commitment and making the decision to give your best to achieve your goals. Backing your dreams with action.

Children should be praised for doing their best. It is not only about becoming the first in class or the first in the race. A child who shows commitment and strives to do their best in whatever feat they undertake should be encouraged. They will naturally strive to achieve success not because of the rewards it yields but because of the satisfaction derived from it.

Teach Them to Value The Right Things

You cannot move into the realm of success and being extraordinary without first learning how to get there. All successful people spend years learning how to perfect their craft and develop a mindset destined for success. You cannot afford to waste your time filling your head with gossip, Television, social media, negative news or anything else that will interfere with moving forward.

Encourage your children to find healthy role models and to find out who are the successful people are in their niche or areas of interest and learn from them. Reading widely is a great way to learn from others that have gone ahead of you, biographies are a great way to learn. Teach children to Invest their time and money into learning and growing. [Read: How Not To Be Ordinary]


Take time to Listen to your Children

Any child that will become extraordinary will have parents who listen to them and communicate with them openly. As parents understanding your child will enable you to encourage them to nurture their interests and to be the best they can be.  Children are curious and creative by nature, and allowing this combination to flourish will help the child find his true calling in life.  So you need to be patient and attentive when he asks a hundred questions. Through this, you will learn what he is naturally inclined towards and interested in. The best life is the life of purpose, parents have a critical role in pointing a child in the right direction.

Be An Example

It is usually said that children copy what they see from elders around them. If your children must be extraordinary then we as parents need to have set the pace. Parents must live in a manner worthy of emulation by our children.

Going from ordinary to extraordinary means you are living with passion. A child should be passionate about life and be encouraged to live life to the fullest.

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