The Bethesda Project by Mrs Rapu

Mrs. Nyoko Rapu reflects on her journey of discovery and birth of the Bethesda project. A project that is focused on creating an enabling environment for disadvantaged children; that empowers them to thrive, grow, and develop to their full potential. The impact of special people; such as her mother in her life was one of the impelling forces that drove her to discovering this project.

mrs rapu

Mrs Rapu shares the story of her journey; the challenging and insightful moments that led to her discovery of this project. Here is her story of discovery:

Mrs. Rapu’s Bethesda Journey

Today, ​as I reflect on the Bethesda journey; I am full of gratitude to the Lord Jesus for the individuals, partners, sponsors, organizations, staff and resourceful board members. Whom He has used to enable us touch the lives of more than 5,000 very vulnerable children.

mrs rapu

Nineteen years ago at a major crossroad in my life, and indeed a time of personal distress. I thought of a way out of my self-introspection; by embracing a cause that would extend beyond my situations and bring joy to others. I attended Catholic Missionary schools that had impacted my life. And ​I​ also s​aw​ my mother transform the lives of children through her school​; ​Springfield Nursery and Primary School in Port Harcourt, now 42 years old. The school started on the patio of our home with less than 10 children. I got excited as I also recalled a scripture advising us not to despise the days of small beginnings (Z​echariah 4:10​). This was the impelling force I needed to begin to mobilize people and resources.


My efforts yielded success and gave birth to the Bethesda Project in September 2001. I asked ​the blessings of ​God​ on ​the project​ and presented it to ​Him as a thanksgiving ​offering ​in appreciation of​ His goodness in my life. With this decision and determination, my perspective changed in spite of my circumstances.

Bethseda project

Be A Part

Perhaps in this season, you​​ are feel​ing ​like I did this 19 years ago​, and may want to extend yourself in service to humanity; I implore you today to take a bold step to resolve a distressing challenge in our society. ​ Just start and I assure that as you do, you will find enduring joy and fulfilment life.

The Bethesda Project gives me joy every waking moment. It is my honour and privilege to be of service to these underprivileged and extremely poor families. I long to do more for them daily. I ask you to join me by supporting this cause ​by making a donation to enable us do more. You can also mobilize others to join this Chain of Hope by spreading the message of what we do.

Mrs. Nkoyo Rapu 

Founder/ Project Coordinator, Bethesda Child Support Agency


The Bethesda Project

Bethesda is a social development organization whose vision is to create an enabling environment for disadvantaged children; that empowers them to thrive, grow, and develop to their full potential. Founded in 2001, Bethesda in its 19 years has provided free quality education, through the assistance of partners and sponsors to over 5,000 orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria; of which 11 are University graduates.

The organization currently has 800 school-aged children spread across its three tuition-free schools in; Ikota (Lagos), Ijaiye-Ojokoro (Lagos), and Matogun (Ogun) communities of Lagos and Ogun State. Bethesda also engages in other social development programs like community service and teen mentoring.

In line with the organization’s aim to create an environment for the healthy development of underprivileged children; they also plan to rebuild their school in Ijaiye-Ojokoro, Lagos. Upon completion, this project will improve school attendance and retention. Also, an increase access to Kindergarten, Primary and Junior secondary education in the Ijaiye-Ojokoro Community. Especially given that the current school structure can only accommodate about 150 – 180 students; and is in a poor state. When completed, the new facility will accommodate between 300 and 450 students, and will impact an average of 1,000 families within the community on an annual basis.

For more information, you can also reach Bethesda Child Agency  via social media:

Instagram – @NkoyoRapu and @Mybethesda

Facebook – Bethesda Child Support Agency

Twitter – @BethesdaCSA.


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