Book Review: Shining Statues by Nkoyo Rapu

shining statuesOverview: In a society where it has become socially acceptable to follow the crowd and blend in, Nkoyo in her usual practical thought provoking way has written an incisive book that highlights the overwhelming odds we face daily and challenges us to defy these issues with unwavering conviction. The book charges us as individuals to be like “A city set upon a hill whose light cannot be hidden.” How do we remain steadfast in the face of temptations? How can we maintain our integrity when our resolve is tested?

How do we preserve our moral standards and values in today’s world? Shining Statues answers these critical questions and empowers us to choose wisely under conditions of uncertainty and fear. The book captures the indomitable spirit of sterling survivors; men and women who stood their ground and pursued sometimes the impossible dream. Using biblical and real life examples, the book helps us develop the discipline that distinguishes us as people– Set Apart! Its interesting mix of prose and poetry makes it an easy and appealing read. Shining Statues: the second of the lifestyle series is a call to stand tall glowing with light rather than a mere glint.

About the Author: Nkoyo Rapu is a lawyer and a woman of diverse interests and skills. She sits on the board of Freedom Foundation, an umbrella organization of four non-governmental agencies pioneering social reformation and rehabilitation among disadvantaged communities particularly in Lagos, Nigeria. In recognition of her efforts in community development. She was named the’ Island News’ personality of the year in 2003 and in 2008 received the Genevieve Magazine Award for Extraordinary Women.

In the past 25 years Nkoyo has worked alongside her husband as co- pastor of several churches both locally and internationally. She currently serves on the board of elders of The House of Freedom an evangelical movement with various churches and expressions. In her book ‘Shinning Statues’ she challenges us to rise above mediocrity, defy the norm and stand for what we believe with unwavering conviction. She is married to Tony Rapu a medical doctor and pastor and they have 3 children. Her hobbies include painting, poetry and song writing.

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