The Family Ball Presented By Grace To Parent

The Family Ball is a one-of-a- kind black tie initiative focused on celebrating families and supporting communities. It is an event for parents and their children ages 6-15 to engage, bond and learn. Children below 5 will be cared for at the on-site creche.

This edition of The Family Ball is being held at Eko Hotels and Suites and will host 400 families. Attendance is free.

This event will bring families together in an intimate, fun and exciting banquet setting to create lasting family bonds and learn practical skills for thriving as a family. In addition, there will be a red carpet, live entertainment, food, drinks, games, family photo sessions and prizes as well as charity donations to give back to the community.

Awareness will be raised for hot parenting topics such as Cyber Safety and Security, Food and Nutrition, Physical and Mental Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Money and Finance, Education, Child Sex Abuse Prevention and Support and Positive Discipline.

Additionally, a panel of 4 parent-child teams will be strategically curated so that parents can hear first hand from their children’s perspective and vice-versa.

The family ball

Who we are

Grace To Parent is a Positive Parenting platform with a vision to inspire parents to joyfully raise children who have a desire to please God, be good citizens and make valuable contributions to society. Our core values are helping families thrive by creating avenues for parents and children to connect as a family, engage with each other and learn from experts.

To fulfill this mission, we use three major outlets;

Media; A vibrant social media community with over 10K followers across Instagram and Facebook, a weekly live talk show; “Let’s Talk Parenting” with over 250 viewers per episode and various other media appearances.

Lifestyle Events; Playdates, Parent Dates, Retreats, Festivals and Conferences.

Parenting Courses; Online and Onsite Parenting Classes and Workshops.

Families in our community testify that our events lead them to connect, engage and thrive as a family unit.

Chief Promoter

The family ball

Remi Makanjuola BSc, MBA
Founder, Crace To Parent

Remi Makanjuola is a successful entrepreneur. At the core of her heart is her faith. She loves children and has a passion for positive parenting. She is the owner of Alpha’s Way Preschool in Atlanta, Georgia USA and the Founder of Grace To Parent, a vibrant Positive Parenting Advocacy platform equipping parents with practical tools to grow thriving families joyfully. Additionally, she is the host of Let’s Talk Parenting Live, a weekly live video talk show. She is the author of the “No Shout” Parent Workbook.

Her work has been featured in leading media outlets such as Bella Naija & Black Moms Blog. She has been a guest speaker on several online platforms such as to Ask Damz Nigeria, The Richer Woman Nigeria, Fab Mom Blog Nigeria, Bee Anna’s Closet UK, Wives and Mothers Nigeria.

In her spare time she swims and spends quiet evenings with her family. One of her favorite quotes is “When I know better, so I do better” this propels her to constantly develop new strategies in positive parenting and fulfill purpose. Remi is married and blessed with 3 children.

The Family Ball

DATE: SAT U R DAY MAY 26, 2018

The family ball

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