How To Love And Appreciate Yourself

One of the simplest gifts you can give yourself is Self-love. It’s a mum’s secret weapon.

how to love and appreciate yourself

You’ve probably heard people say that the amount of love you give your children and spouse depends on how much you love yourself.

Our aim is usually to pour all the love in our hearts on them and love them more than we love ourselves. But the truth is, if we don’t love ourselves there’s a limit to how we can show love.

When we become mothers, sometimes it’s difficult to love ourselves as we should. We get caught up in taking care of others until we get to a point where it’s easier to put off our own basic needs to show every other person love.

The interesting part is that it tells on us. It shows in the bags under our eyes. It shows in our demeanor. We slowly loose our sunny and loving disposition.

That’s why we need to love ourselves so that we can spread the love.

How to love and appreciate yourself

1. Start the day with a smile.

how to love and appreciate yourself

Don’t you love it when your kids light up when they see your face? This is a great way to start the day. Smile to yourself and to your family. Sometimes putting yourself in a good frame of mind is all you need to feel good. Try to make yourself happy, just as you would try to bring a smile to someone else.

2. Once in a while, do little things that make you happy.

When you’re happy, your child(ren) are happy. Chances are these things give your life meaning. It’s your purpose and your love of that hobby, job, or interest that keeps you fulfilled. And it’s kind of hard to love yourself or show love when you don’t feel fulfilled.

3. Find your tribe/support system

Surround yourself with people who love you and support you in your wildest dreams. And be protective of these people. You’re only as good as the company you keep – so keep the good ones around and let the bad ones go (without any guilt).

4. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

A lovely exercise to remind yourself of how wonderful life is, is to think of what you are grateful for. Loving the little things in your life is a nice way to remind yourself how many blessings there are around you. Give yourself the gift of time to remember.

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how to love and appreciate yourself

5. Pamper yourself

Eat healthy foods. Drink enough water. Buy yourself that colour 2 lipgloss you’ve been staring at. It may seem simple, but when we are busy with a million other things it can be easy to forget. Your long-term health and happiness is worth the daily attention.

6. Get enough rest

Sleep is necessary to human existence and allowing yourself rest is showing respect (and love) to your body. Don’t you just feel recharged after a good night’s rest.

Everyday is mother’s day. Remember to love yourself always.

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