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Don’t You Agree There Has Been A Phone Invasion?

phone invasion 4
Don’t you agree there has been a phone invasion?

Me: what do you mean?

Parents are always on their phones and don’t listen.

Even teachers too are always on their phones.

Me: (feeling guilty as charged) dropped the phone for a few minutes.

Me: Few minutes later and feeling I had given adequate listen time picked phone up again.

Son: shakes head and says “I wish phones could be destroyed forever”

This was a conversation with my 8 year old yesterday.

Phone invasion

He feels parents are distracted..
He shared his shock that even while playing his instruments sometimes the teacher will be using his phone.

Real wake up call to all adults.

If we can be this susceptible to phone or device addiction….what does it mean for children of this generation?

*Digital natives* are children born into a digital world. They have no recollection of a time pre-devices yet they know what lack of physical connection feels like.

So before you blame children who lack social skills and are addicted to devices – please check yourself.

Perhaps if you are like me on a journey to be a better parent or ever googled how to be a more effective parent. Then this word INTENTIONAL has probably come up.

But let’s be honest while it sounds nice sometimes we don’t know what to really do with it. How do you implement this intentional(ity)?

So here are some hacks to be Intentional parents –

Phone invasion

*Intentional Hack #1*. Make eye contact when you interact with your child.

Secret: You don’t have to pick every call when you are in the middle of something important. Talking to your child is important!

The whatsapp and Instagram notification can wait till you are done talking. It is hardly ever an emergency!

Phone invasion

*Intentional Hack #2*. Have device free zones and times in your house

If you don’t want mosquitoes in your rooms you would use a mosquito net. Random example right? but the idea is let there be certain places you keep your phones and devices out of.

Bedrooms at bedtime and mealtimes at the dining table are great places to start your device free zones.

Phone invasion

[How to be intentional about parenting in the 21st century]

*Intentional Hack #3* – Have collective family time.

Start no matter how small and increase to as often as you can. At these times every member of the family should gather around to spend quality time together. In case you are wondering – this needs to be device free. Parents and children have to comply.

His simple statement “we have a phone invasion” really woke me up!

No matter how Intentional you think you are being if you don’t manage this particular invasion – you are not doing as well as you think you are.

*Drop your phone raise your eyes and connect*

Intentional Family Goals

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