Things I Have Learnt from My Toddler about Fashion

  1. Fixing a weave or clipping in a half wig is pretending I have hair which i don’t (why am I lying?)
  2. I have too many shoes, why do I have so many shoes when I can’t wear all of them?
  3. I like repetition – why afterall do I keep wearing the same shoes constantly?
  4. I have too many clothes – I must since I don’t wear all of them (ditto on repititon as I wear a few over and over again)
  5. Why would I consider wearing pajamas outside the house, Surely that is what those printed pants are? 
  6. A tousled chigon is simply untidy and messy hair and I should not embarass my kids with hair like that.
  7. Five Inch Heels are ridiculously high and so I should not be surprised if I fall
  8. Wearing bubu’s out of the home means I am ready to be a grandma.
  9. It is better for underwear to match!
  10. Black is definitely mummy’s favorite colour with all the black shoes and tops I have.
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