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Tips to Travel safely during the Pandemic

It’s summertime, and while you need to be careful; the pandemic does not need to stop your travel plans this summer. Below are some tips on how to do travel safely. COVID-19 is still rampant and we need to stay safe as you plan your summer travels.

There are also lots of rules and regulations guiding movement in and out of each country at this time of the pandemic. It might be overwhelming for most families to keep track of. Below are some tips to guide families at this time.

  • Check the rules of the Country you are traveling to.
  • Check the rules of the airline you want to travel with. For example you might need a transit visa.
  • Book covid test using approved providers. And book based on the Country or the airlines’ rule. For example, travel to the UK requires your test is done at least 72 hours before departure.  Note that if you are transiting your test needs to be valid. You must have evidence of a  negative result to show at airport before departure. It is advisable to either print it out or have the result downloaded on your phone.
  • Book your covid test for arrival in country (according to the rules). For example, in the UK you must show the evidence of test booked for day 2 and 8.

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  • Check rules for your home country before return. For example, Nigeria has an online form you must fill to book your covid test on return to Nigeria.
  • Boost your immunity – take vitamin c and  multivitamins.
  • Have a purse-size sanitizer.
  • Have extra masks especially when traveling with children
  • Order food and groceries ahead of arrival for the quarantine period.

For more tips and guidelines, visit the NCDC website and be informed on all your requirements for safe and stress-free travels.

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