Top 5 Kitchen Tools And Appliances

Cooking can be fun again with these kitchen tools and appliances.

If you want a good lifestyle, you will agree that having modern kitchen appliances is not a luxury but a necessity. Modern kitchen tools and appliances are as much necessary as modern technology is. You can easily make cooking more enjoyable and make life more comfortable.

Gone are those days when you will enter the kitchen smiling and come out tired and covered in sweat. These tools and appliances save your effort and time every day.

The advantages of modern kitchen appliances have good impacts on your hectic lifestyles. These tools and appliances not only save time, they are very easy to use and they make people’s lives easier

Here are some top kitchen tools and appliances every modern kitchen should have.

1. Blender

Blender Kitchen Tools Lagosmums

Blenders make quick work of many kitchen tasks reducing the time required to complete a meal in many cases. Further, these electrical machines allow for multitasking in the kitchen as the machine does its work.

You can use a blender to grind pepper and other ingredients for soups. We even learnt that we can use a blender to peel beans. You could make smoothies, protein shakes and dessert shakes all with your blender. 

There are many types of blenders to choose from, click here to buy.

 2. Yam Pounding Machine

Yam Pounding machine kitchen tools LagosMums

Pounding yam has never been this easy. With this machine, you can have your smooth pounded yam in three minutes. Indeed gone are the days of going through lots of stress before enjoying homemade pounded yam. With just a bottom, your cooked yam is transformed into hot and fluffy pounded yam. [Check out some of the recipes on soups that go well with your pounded yam]

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 3. Inverter

Inverter kitchen tools LagosMums

This is another important kitchen appliance to have. Having an Inverter ensures that you are not left stranded unable to use your appliances when there is no electricity. 

In Nigeria, you can use inverters to power on kitchen appliances when there’s an interruption of electricity.  With its ability to charge its self when there is electricity supply, you have nothing to worry about. You can also save quite a bit when it comes to diesel or petrol costs for your generator. 

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4. Dish Washer

Dishwasher kitchen tools Lagosmums

It could be stressful to stand over a steaming-hot sink to wash the evening’s dinner dishes.

Using a dishwasher not only takes away the drudgery of hand washing your plates, glasses and flatware, it also saves money and water, keeps counters free of clutter, creates less of an impact on the environment and is more sanitary.

A dishwasher can reduce the stress of washing by hand.

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5. Fridge/Freezer 

Fridge/Freezer kitchen tools LagosMums

We all need to refrigerate and freeze our food to keep them fresh and preserve them. Especially for the families where you cook in advance or cook for the week ahead. The right fridge and freezer will preserve your food. It might be helpful for you to get a fridge and freezer that works well with an inverter or solar power so that your foodstuffs do not go bad when there is an interruption in power supply.

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