Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas for Mum

Valentine’s and gifts are inseparable, perhaps because giving is one of the best expressions of our love. As the special day approaches, we are thinking of what gifts might be best for our special person. Well, the good news is that sometimes the definition of special is ‘simple and essential’. Let’s help you with some simple ideas.

Gifts for Dad
Traditional wear

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A nice traditional and trendy outfit can never go wrong, whether for the weekend or casual Friday at work. Dad will definitely appreciate this gift.


3 in 1 Smart chinos

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This is one gift to help dad achieve his smart, casual and trendy look. A new set of these to replace or add to ones he had would be just great plus they go with almost anything.


Gifts for Mum
A Lovely Floral Dress

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Mums can never have too many clothes, we particularly liked this floral jumpsuit. Mums love being trendy and comfortable at the same time.


Beauty Gift Set

Available on

This gift set containing a body lotion, perfume and body spray will come in handy for mum. The set contains mum’s essentials and will make a great gift she will appreciate


Handbag Set

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This season we love practical and useful gifts, a good quality handbag will always go a long way.

What other ideas do you have to celebrate valentines day? Dinner or lunch? Watch a movie? Go for ice cream? There are so many ways to show love this season.


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