How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Family

Although Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated with dinner reservations and roses, Valentine’s day as a family can also be fun. Below are some splendid ideas on ways to celebrate valentine’s day as a family and make the kids feel part of the world wide celebration. They can also be little ways you celebrate love everyday or once in a while.

1. Valentine Breakfast–Valentine's day as a family

Valentine’s day falls on a week day this year, it will be a delight to surprise your kids and hubby. Make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast , you could be a little extra and make it red with jam or ketchup. You could also leave little hearts in their lunch boxes and rooms just incase there’s no time for breakfast

2. Express love and appreciation to each other –Valentine's day as a family

You can have everyone tell each other what they love about their siblings, mum and dad or you can give out handwritten letters to each other. Also use it as an opportunity to show that you appreciate each other *you might want to have a tissue ready*

3. Bake Treats –Valentine's day as a family

This could be a good day to bake some cookies together as a family and decorate it with pink frosties of sprinkles!

4. Get Cosy –

Turn your living room into a semi movie theatre and watch a movie together as a family. You can go all the way and buy some popcorn to go with it. An old classic would be a good one, like Sound of Music. Visit Popsugar for some ideas of family friendly movies.

5. Valentine’s Day Art and Craft –

Make Valentine’s day cards for each other at home, you can also get construction paper or cardboard and make red or pink heart shaped decorations. Help younger children to decorate the cards.

6. Make it Colourful –

You can have everyone in the house wear something red and have a fun contest to see who has the most red.

7. Love your Partner –

Show the kids that Mum and Dad love each other! Say you love each other in front of them and make a show of it with a hug and a kiss. Your kids will either squeal with delight and laugh or say “eewwww” (they don’t really mean it), but you make their day when you let them know that mum and dad love each other.

8. Go Out Together –

You could go out together to celebrate, go out for ice cream or a pizza.

9. Dinner at Home –

Either you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of vals day in Lagos, or you just want to spend quality time together as a family, Make a favourite dish and eat at home with the family, add some excitement to the typical family meal with some desert or heart shaped fruits. You could also make everybody dress up in their best clothes to dinner (definitely with a touch of red), it would surely add to the fun!

10. Play Games –

Valentine's day as a family

Spend the day focused on each other and spend it playing some games as a family. This is a good time to reminisce and bring out old board games like monopoly, snakes and ladders or play a game of cards. If going traditional isn’t your cup of tea, you could decide to play video games together or have a go at wii.

11. Have Fun Together –

Put on some music and dance and sing together. Nothing says love more than spending real time together as a family

12. Focus on the True Meaning of Love –

Don’t let the world’s standard of love determine what love means to you and your family. As a family, you can read what love is in 1 Corinthians 13 or other verses in the Bible and take turns to explain how you understand it.

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