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Some Top Recommended Parenting and Side Hustle Online Courses

Being a life long learner is one of the main skills needed today. Knowing what to learn and which course to sign up for can be confusing as there are so many options. Here are some of our top recommended parenting and side hustle online courses from Udemy.

Raising children in a changing world can be daunting, getting some tried and tested techniques can make the process easier. There are a series of parenting online courses that help parents navigate the parenting journey.

In addition, no matter the field or industry you work in, digital media is here to stay. In a world of noise, how do you stand out? Understanding how to use digital media to start a side hustle or to build your brand is a great skill to have.

Business and Entrepreneurship for Kids and Teens

Teaching children to be entrepreneurs can be a great investment, the earlier you instill in them the value for money, hard work the more ready they are for life.  Sign Up here for Business and Entrepreneurship for Kids and Teens.

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Raising Super Learners

This parenting course on raising super learners teaches how to prep your children to be lifelong learners. It includes educational games and activities you can leverage to teach your child useful information. Children today are being raised in a world that changes rapidly. Parents need to be equipped to raise children who are life long learners. Sign Up here for this great course.

Positive Parenting

Dealing with power struggles can be tiring, this course on positive parenting equips parents with the skills they need to raise children without the struggles. This course is being taught by Debbie Godfrey who has 24 years of experience working with thousands of parents. Sign Up for Positive Parenting here


Branding and Marketing for Startups: Learn how to stand out. This course offers students the basics to understand how to build a brand and marketing skills. It is great for startups who want to learn the basics to grow their business.

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Turn Your Blog Into a Career

There is a right what to turn blogging into a career; learn some of the tips that will help you turn your blog into a business while minimizing the mistakes and errors along the way. Sign up for the blogging blueprint course here

Become a Social Media Manager

Start your social media manager business from home this year, this course will teach you everything you need to get started with a side hustle, an increasing number of brands are on social media and need trained managers to manage their pages. Sign Up here to become a social media manager.

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