How To Help Children Transition from Summer Holidays Back to School

Research shows that some students headaches increase when it is time to transition from the summer holidays back to school. Here are some tips on how to help children transition from Summer holidays back to school.


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While some students are happily anticipating going back to school, some literally have headaches thinking about it.

Perhaps you enrolled your children in a summer camp over the summer? then the end of summer might not be as shocking since there was a daily routine and structure. If the summer involved travel filled with eating fast food and long days exploring, they are either happy to be returning to amala and ewedu, or are wishing for yet another McDonalds hamburger.


Whichever way the children spent their summer, they no doubt enjoyed the freedom of summer, waking up later, watching television, napping, playing and having more time for their hobbies. Now it is time to get ready to resume school in the next couple of weeks and transitioning from 8 weeks of holiday.

Tips to help get ready for going back to school

Bedtime – Start adjusting bedtime little by little to get used to going to bed earlier. Two weeks prior to resumption start inching bedtime to 30 mins earlier until you are back to a regular school time routine. You do not want them to be shocked waking up at 6 am on the first day of school, they might just be sleepy all day.

Immunity – Start building up their immunity with lots of vegetables, fruits, and vitamins. Going back to school also means sharing viruses, think about all the runny noses. This is a good time to update any vaccinations necessary.

New School Talk – If your child is starting a new school start to talk about the new school and be sure to discuss and address any concerns your child might have. Visit the school with them and let them view their new class if possible. This helps so that it is not all brand new on the first day. Discuss any changes expected, for example, a child going from primary to secondary schools. Listen to your child’s concerns, build excitement and talk about some of these coming changes.

School Needs – Go through the requirements for the new school year and class, some schools send home supply lists. Clean old items and buy new items needed. Have they outgrown their school schools and need new ones? Start preparing now and order or shop ahead of time to reduce feeling rushed. I remember that I used the same Thermos flask for the 6 years in Secondary School. However, my school shoes could barely make it through one term.

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Revision – No matter how light it is a good idea to spend some time revising school work. For older children, you can let them review core material from the previous school year. For younger children, you can sing nursery rhymes, review colours, and shapes. The goal is to get them back into studying mode. There are also many apps that encourage learning based on age/subject.

Memories – Encourage the children to record what they did over the summer. Older children can write stories about their summer experiences and fill out journals. Younger children can draw pictures and talk about what they spent their summer doing. This is the age of digital pictures, but it is always fun to print out pictures and put in a summer album. The children will appreciate it when they get older). [Read: Summer Journal]


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