Family Friendly Valentine Gift Ideas

TGIF Parents! We will be looking at valentine gift ideas for the family. Valentine’s day is round the corner and the shops and boutiques are stocked with probably everything you want. Although you are spoiled for choice, you might also be on the look out for the best gift to give your spouse or child. At the end of the day it is the thought that counts so you don’t have to break the bank, a bouquet of roses might be all mum would like, a wallet to replace dad’s old one or go carting with the kids. Here are a few suggestions.

Gifts for Dad

So dad is probably always busy at work and has a routine that makes him use certain things over and over again. You could have a think around these things and consider buying something that you notice he does not have much of, is worn out and needs to be replaced or just something new. See some ideas below

A Wallet

VAlentine gift ideas

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This is always a winner especially if it hasnt been replaced for years! Its one of the most handled items because he is probably always paying for something. It is definitely a nice way to thank him for all that spending.

A Nice Top

Valentine gift ideas

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A nice top is always very handy and one thing you are sure he would wear (even on that day) do not forget to sneak a peek at his size so it fits nicely.

Men Accessories

valentine gift ideas

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These are wardrobe essentials for work and could even become his “lucky” items to wear when he’s about to go for an important presentation.

A Prayer Book

Valentine gift ideas Available on Jumia

This is a very different but powerful gift! helping him grow spiritually while showing him love is quite a special combo!

Gifts for Mum

Mum is always busy multi tasking all the different hats that she wears. You could book her a nice day at the spa or take over chores for the day, here are some other things that she would definitely like.

A Spa Kit

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Pamper her with some massage oils and facial masks, this will help keep her relaxed the whole day

A Nice Dress

Valentine gift ideas

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This would definitely do for date night and add a lovely outfit to her wardrobe. A mum can never have too many dresses.

A Bouquet of Roses

valentine gift ideas

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This will do nicely with red wine close to her bubble bath. Do not forget the candles dad!

Parenting Vision Board

This vision is for both mummies and daddies! This is to upgrade your parenting skills and learn how to create a plan that is unique to your child. After completing this program and following the proven blueprint; you will no longer be worried about modern-day parenting bur rather you will emerge as an intentional parent. Sign up HERE!

Gifts for the Children

Instead of getting individual gifts for the children, you could get something that would bring about some bonding and could also end up in a nice family hang out. some suggestions are:

The Monopoly Board Game

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Buying land and trading houses, This is always a hit especially now we have the Nigerian version. Everyone should have this at home.

Religious books

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What better way to teach about God’s love to our kids than on this day. Celebrate valentine by equipping them with the knowledge of God’s word

Educational Learning Devices

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Another valentine gift idea for children in the family are learning devices. A learning pad is an educational way to have fun and good value for money.

Art and Craft


Valentine gift ideas

The kids could also be encouraged to make a card for mum and dad or grandma and grandpa. All you need is some cardboard, paint and a lot of creativity.

Remember its love season so do not forget to say “I love you” on that special day,  it will be the icing on the cake!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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