What Expectant Mums Don’t Really Need For A Baby Shower.

Do you ever wonder what expectant mums really need as gifts? Or have you been invited to a baby shower for your friend, sister, cousin or colleague and you probably have no idea what to do? If it is a first time mum, then they are shopping for the addition to the family and this can very quickly get expensive. While the baby shower is also to have fun and socialize, the main reason for it is to help the new family with some of the expenses that come with welcoming the bundle of joy. [  How to get the perfect baby shower gifts]

Let’s start with what an expectant mum doesn’t need

 An expectant mum doesn’t need only food and drinks as gifts for her baby shower!

Now imagine that on the day of your baby shower, all necessary preparations have been made which include lots of food and drinks for everyone. The first guest comes bearing a nice pack of colorful dough-nuts. At this point, you’re like “Awww, that’s so thoughtful”. Then the next few people also come with different food items and the buffet table is about to spill over.

what expectant mums don't really need

You’re still grateful and extremely delighted that no one will go hungry, right? After all the baby shower games and eating, you still have a lot left and then you have to share for the guests to take home. You definitely had fun.

Now, looking back at your baby shower, you realize that all you have left are nice, fond memories and cute pictures. Then you go back to worrying about the baby, what to get, what not to get, how you’ll cope etc.

Rather than spend money on cupcakes, small chops or decorations that will only be nice memories in the pictures. Buy them useful products that will both be useful and reduce their costs. Here is a link to shopping for a new baby – the ultimate expectant mum shopping list. You’ll get great ideas on what to get for an expectant mum without breaking the bank.

Note that the idea is to buy thoughtful gifts not insensitive gifts

What do we mean by thoughtful gifts? Well, you can buy her a new house or a car or mini toy trucks for the baby. Lol, that’s a bit over the top but if you have the money, why not. Basically, thoughtful gifts for a baby shower are the ones you’ll find here, they are things that baby and mummy will find useful. However, insensitive gifts like frozen maxi pads or hemorrhoid creams are not things she’ll need for a baby shower. Enough said!

Other things to put into consideration

Mum-to-be should be treated like a queen during her baby shower and after. Think about getting her gifts she can use to pamper herself.

Don’t play insensitive games like measure the belly (especially if the mum-to-be isn’t pleased about the fact that her belly is extremely large). It’s advisable to cross-check with the mum-to-be about the games on the list.

Please, don’t tell your horror birth stories!

what expectant mums don't really need

This is the last thing she needs to hear right now. Trust me, she’s got a hundred case scenarios in her mind already about what could go wrong. Don’t add to it, you’ll only make the expectant mum feel less than excited about her baby. Instead, make it a day to help her forget about her worries. Share the joys of motherhood!

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