What Students Should Look Forward To At GISS

What Students Should Look Forward To At GISS

Gordonstoun International Summer School (GISS) although called “school” combines learning with an enormous amount of fun and making friends.  We believe that we have something for everyone, and it appears we do because we have lots of students who return for multiple years.

Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy if you come and join us in Scotland this summer;

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There is an extensive range of sports in state of the art facilities; tennis court, climbing wall, swimming pool, astroturf, squash courts etc. We also have golf facilities and an obstacle course.  You can expect to enjoy a very wide range of sports like soccer, basketball, athletics, volleyball, badminton, hockey, swimming, golf, table tennis, squash, tag rugby (too many to list!)  If you are not very sporty – don’t worry it is all about having some fun and supporting your “clan”.


What Students Should Look Forward To At GISS

We place lots of emphasis on working together in teams to enjoy music making, art, drama, design & technology.  Perhaps create a present to take home out of wood and metal, or design and print a T-shirt.  Try acting as part of a group and exploring some aspects of drama or just learning how to play something new and create music with your new found friends.  It is all fun and about trying out new activities.


For many, this is the highlight of your time at Gordonstoun; it is all about learning to work in teams whilst climbing, abseiling, canoeing, mountain biking, gorge walking etc. Staying in our adventure centre in little dormitories and enjoying the exciting activities in the breathtaking Scottish scenery.


We have 12 yachts!! You spend 3 days & nights living and sailing on a yacht on the west coast of Scotland.  There are dinghy races, barbeques on the islands, fishing off the back of the yachts and should you choose, then a little bit of swimming in the Sea of the Hebrides;  it’s not that cold, we promise

Fun recreational activities & socials

You can decide with your new friends which ones you want to do; go-karting, horse riding, surfing at the local beach, ice-skating, cooking, laser tag, trips to castles, shopping and many more!  We also make sure there are bouncy castles and chocolate fountains for those who like them, but then again who doesn’t??

And at the end of the course, we have a wonderful Scottish celebration dinner and parents are invited too. It is a fitting end to a fantastic summer, where lots of friends and fabulous memories have been made for you to look back on.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Gordonstoun International Summer School. “Where everyone smiles in the same language”

What Students Should Look Forward To At GISS

How can students sign up for a spot?

This year, the length of the summer program is 3 ½ weeks. We have two courses which are the same just set one week apart.

Course I: Friday 5th July to Monday 29th July

Course II: Friday 12th July to Monday 5th August

Please contact us via this link. Phone us, we love to talk about GISS: + 44 1343 837 821 Or email: [email protected]

Places are limited, so please don’t leave this for too long!  We operate a strict policy of nationality quotas. This is to ensure students experience a wonderful introduction to other cultures and make friends with people from all over the world.

Follow us on social media via our handles below for regular updates. You can also follow us for a sense of what the school is doing generally and how we put our unique educational ethos into practice.

Facebook @gordonstounsummerschool

Twitter @GISSgordonstoun

Instagram @gordonstounintsummerschool

Or visit our website: www.giss.org.uk

Do be in touch if you have any other questions.

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