Who Should Be More Important In The Family? Spouse or Children

Who should be more important in the family, spouse or children? Asking this question doesn’t mean that you have to choose one over the other, however we need to know who is more important as this will help lay a good foundation for the family.

So, we did a poll across our social media platforms on the above question and this is the result we got. We are glad to see that majority of our audience believe that in a family unit, the spouse is more important. Children need to flourish under the guidance and example of a loving partnership. {Read: Do you know? How you love your spouse affects your children]

spouse or children

65% of mums believe that the spouse should be more important and the other 35% think children should be more important.

What do experts think?

According to an American columnist, public speaker, and author on parenting, John Rosemond, Your kids should not be the most important!

Most of the problems parents seem to be having with their kids — typical stuff, these days — are the result of treating their children as if they, their marriage, and their family exist and thrive because their parents have created a stable family. Furthermore, without parents, kids wouldn’t eat well, have the nice clothing they wear, live in the nice home in which they live, enjoy the great vacations they enjoy, and so on.marriage // spouse or children

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The most important person in an army is the general. The most important person in a corporation is the CEO and the most important person in a classroom is the teacher. And the most important person in a family are the parents.

The most important thing about children is the need to prepare them properly for responsible citizenship. The primary objective should not be raising a straight-A student who excels at three sports, earns a spot on the Olympic swim team, goes to an A-list university and becomes a prominent brain surgeon. The primary objective is to raise a child such that community and culture are strengthened (by inculcating the right values in them).

Marriage or parenting / Spouse or children

He further goes on to say that a statement such as “Our child is the most important person in our family” is the first step toward raising a child who feels entitled. You don’t want that and your child doesn’t need that as well. {Read: How to raise an entitled child]

The time to experience the true blessings of a marriage is not after the kids have left home. It’ never too early or too late to put your marriage first! Put your spouse first.

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