reward for mums mother's day

How To Win $100 For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday May 12th 2017 and we just love to give mums gifts to celebrate them! Read on for how to win $100 for Mother’s Day shopping on Grocery Direct from Mall for Africa. 

Mums tell us 5 things you can NEVER leave the house without and we just might get it for you and enter for a chance to win $100 shopping money.

reward for mums mother's day

Contest Rules

1. Tell us 5 things you never leave the house without.
2. Browse GroceryDirect on #MFA and mention one product you want from there (
3. Tag 5 friends and follow @LagosMums and @Mallforafrica on Instagram. Like our page on Facebook.
Get wishing and stand a chance to WIN $100 shopping credit on the MallForAfrica platform. A winner with the most interesting item you can NEVER leave home without will be randomly selected and announced on Friday May 12th 2017 in time for some #MothersDay shopping.
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